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Windsor utilities commission votes to stop adding fluoride to the city’s water

From CBC News Windsor:

Add your vote to the tally on CBC news. Click image to go there.

“The much debated fluoride issue is now on the collective lap of Windsor’s city councillors.

After two hours spent listening to 11 delegations Wednesday night, the Windsor Utilities Commission passed a motion recommending the city stop adding fluoride to drinking water.

It suggests any savings be directed to oral health and nutritional education for five years. Continue reading

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Vaccination rights attorney Patricia Finn threatened with criminal charges; State demands names of all her clients

From Mike Adams on Natural News:

New York attorney Patricia Finn helps parents who don't want their children vaccinated.

(NaturalNews) Vaccine rights attorney Patricia Finn is being targeted by the Ninth Judicial District of New York State, which has threatened to strip her of her license to practice law and even file criminal charges against her.

Finn is one of several “vaccine rights” attorneys across America who helps parents assert their rights to protect their children from potentially deadly vaccines. She’s considered a hero by many, but a villain by the status quo for daring to stand up against the vaccine-pimping medical police state that exists in America today.  Continue reading

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The may be crazy but they’re not stupid

From the blog of Councilman Jess Fields, of the municipality of College Station:

Introduction: College Station Withdrawing from ICLEI

At last Thursday’s council meeting, I proposed to the council to withdraw College Station’s membership in the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) – an international organization founded in 1990 by the United Nations. Our city has been paying somewhere north of $1,000 to be a member of this organization, yet it is not to be found anywhere within the budget. Few have ever heard of ICLEI, and fewer still know that College Station has actually been a member since 2009.

I am truly excited to announce that the proposed 2013 College Station budget will not include funding for this organization. It is an insidious, extreme institution that does not represent our citizens, and for our taxpayers to continue to fund it would be ridiculous. Continue reading


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The Vernon Herschberger story — raw milk farmer is taking a brave stand for private contracts and personal liberty

From Kimberly Hartke, on her Hartke is Online blog:

Moving the cows to fresh pasture on the Vernon Herschberger farm.

U.S. Government is Out to Destroy this Family Farm

Vernon Hershberger is one of 18 children of an organic dairy farmer. His father was organic in the 1970’s, before organic was cool. Vernon’s Dad tended 15-20 dairy cows on his small farm. It was not a profitable venture. Back then, you couldn’t get a fair price for organic milk. There were no certified organics, such as we have today. And, the public didn’t understand the value of organic practices, so were unwilling to pay extra.

Vernon grew up in Holmes County, Ohio, the largest Amish settlement in the world. As of ten years ago, over twelve thousand Amish families resided in Holmes County. Continue reading


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“Home of the Slave” — are the doors closing on food freedom in America?

From Kelly the Kitchen Kop:

I first met John Moody in Dallas last fall at the Wise Traditions conference.  He’s the manager of a Kentucky food buyers club that was raided in May of 2011. (Read more about that in this post, Be Ready for the Men with Guns — How to Prepare for a Raid“.)  In today’s guest post, John urges you to sit up and take notice of what’s happening to our local food sources, and PLEASE, if you live near Wisconsin, come show your support — one of our beloved farmers, *really* may be going to jail. Here’s John…

In a nation trillions of dollars in debt, where hardened criminals can barely be kept behind bars because of budget problems, bridges collapse under passerby vehicles, and basic public services have to be cut in whole sectors of decaying cities, what do you think state and federal government are using precious tax money on and for? Continue reading

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