“Home of the Slave” — are the doors closing on food freedom in America?

From Kelly the Kitchen Kop:

I first met John Moody in Dallas last fall at the Wise Traditions conference.  He’s the manager of a Kentucky food buyers club that was raided in May of 2011. (Read more about that in this post, Be Ready for the Men with Guns — How to Prepare for a Raid“.)  In today’s guest post, John urges you to sit up and take notice of what’s happening to our local food sources, and PLEASE, if you live near Wisconsin, come show your support — one of our beloved farmers, *really* may be going to jail. Here’s John…

In a nation trillions of dollars in debt, where hardened criminals can barely be kept behind bars because of budget problems, bridges collapse under passerby vehicles, and basic public services have to be cut in whole sectors of decaying cities, what do you think state and federal government are using precious tax money on and for?

Persecuting and prosecuting small farmers.

Fines. Arrests. Undercover sting operations. Covert infiltration of “herd shares,” those dastardly bastions of subversive non-establishment eating habits.  Guns drawn on innocent cabbage.

Ensuring that those trying to maintain a semblance of health and wellness, both for their families and local farms, have the hardest time possible doing just that simple, time honored tradition, while cheap convenience foods stay that way, subsidized with the very same tax dollars that simultaneously seek to destroy big-ag’s only remaining competition – free, small farms.

Funny? Not at all.

Dan Allyger lost his farm, and hundreds of families lost their access to real food. Vernon Hershberger faces possible jail time.

My question is where are the people – the average citizens who should be outraged that their basic rights and needs are being trodden into the mire by an all-encompassing corporate agenda to use government to deny rather than protect our basic liberties?

I have three small children. Every day I wake up and look at them, and then look outside at a nation in decay and a populous who, while aware of the problem, seem little inclined to get involved with the solution of resisting the corporate-government tyranny being pressed upon us day after day.

I plead with you readers, it is not too late…

But if we continue to do nothing, if we continue to allow innocent farmers in other states or in our home states to be trodden into the mire, there will be no food, no freedom left in our nation worth defending or passing on to our precious children.

This is your opportunity.  One day, we will regret having let others fight the good fight, while we sat on the sidelines.

This is the time to realize that you would “trade all the days from this one to that” to protect your farmers and your freedom, to look at your children in your old age knowing that you didn’t just speak about the importance of real food, small farmers, fairness, justice, mercy… but you actually lived it.

Come to the Wisconsin rally for Vernon Hershberger.  Let others know about what is happening as well!  Educate a neighbor, family member or friend today….”

Read it all on the blog of Kelly the Kitchen Kop.

John Moody on Preparing for a Raid.


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