Raw milk farmer Vernon Herschberger passes go, does not go to jail, this time

Tessa Rachel writes about the rally on her Proverbs31wannabe blog:

More than 300 people turned out to rally for food freedom in Wisconsin. Tessa Rachel photo.

“….The rally garnered over 300 supporters (which was a lot for our small town and small courthouse), the holding room in the court was filled to overflowing with rally attendees. 

There were several fantastic speakers including Canadian food rights leader Michael Schmidt, Liz Reitzig of the Raw Milk Freedom Riders, and Aajonus Vonderplanitz of Right to Choose Healthy Food, and we were encouraged to stand with our local farmers who have dared to challenge the government bureaucrats. The disease of complacency, the disease of apathy, and the disease of “others can do my job”, are all things which those that support food choice will need to wrestle with.

The point was made that it is easy thing to stand in front of the courthouse and cheer when you if you are not making a true commitment to defend what you are cheering for and when you are not faced with the reality of a court case, of police, of raids as people such as Vernon Hershberger are.

We need to wake up and commit ourselves to the act of peaceful defiance, of nonviolent resistance in order to protect our farmers, our food, and our land.

Vernon spoke and encouraged that we need to stand together, everyone needs to do what they can.

Then the Declaration of Food Independence was revealed. The document asserts the individual right to grow, trade and access real food without government intervention or control.It is an historical document signifying a momentous milestone in the fight for food freedom — the fight against government tyranny and the destruction of food. Just as America’s original Declaration of Independence asserted freedom from the tyranny and control of the British government, this Declaration of Food Independence asserts freedom from U.S. government tyranny and control over the food supply.
Vernon Hershberger was the first to sign and was enthusiastically followed by many others. (Including yours truly) :D…”

Read it all on Proverbs 31 Wannabe blog.

Some photos from Michael Schmidt, who spoke at the workshop and rally:

Organizer Liz Reitzig, Michael Schmidt, Vernon Herschberger, Max Kane. Michael Schmidt photo.

From David E. Gumpert’s report on The Complete Patient blog:

“Did Vernon Hershberger dodge a bullet, or did the two prosecutors from the Wisconsin Attorney General’s office shoot themselves in the foot on Friday, when a judge refused to act on a state request that Hershberger be penalized for allegedly violating the terms of his bail agreement?

It’s hard to know because, while Judge Guy Reynolds admonished the two prosecutors for failing to follow proper protocol in seeking sanctions against raw dairy farmer Hershberger, the judge left open the possibility that Hershberger could be subject to severe penalties if he is eventually judged to have violated the bail terms.

Some of the cars of people who came for the rights workshop. M. Schmidt photo.

The prosecutors during the previous week had dashed off a letter to the judge, complaining that Hershberger was violating the bail terms by making raw milk and other farm products available to his food club members, alleging he was running a retail store.

Eric Defort, one of the assistant Attorney General prosecutors (with Phillip Ferris), accused Hershberger of “willful violation of the pretrial release conditions.” Judge Reynolds acknowledged he had received a letter from the Attorney General’s office about Hershberger. Unfortunately for the prosecutors, he noted tersely, “This court will not respond to letters. This court responds to motions.”

The judge did, however, warn Hershberger that he could be in trouble with the court if the
Attorney General’s office files a motion and the judge agrees with it. Violating bond conditions “could be a separate crime subject to separate punishment. I admonish you that you are to follow my bond conditions.”

Vernon's children watch from behind a glass door. Michael Schmidt photo.

Hershberger, sitting alone at the defendant’s table, reminded the judge that he had previously disavowed the agreement he signed in early January as a condition of being released pending trial for four misdemeanors related to making raw milk available to his nearly 200 herd club members. Many of them were among the 70 people who packed the main courtroom, and were also among another 100 or so crowded into a basement room where the proceedings could be viewed on a television monitor.  “I do not have jurisdiction over that food,” Hershberger told the judge. “It belongs to the members.”…”

Read it all on The Complete Patient blog.

Vernon's farm in Wisconsin. Michael Schmidt photo.

See video from the rally on Justin TV.

From Mike Adams on Natural News.com:

“(NaturalNews) From a live video stream from the food freedom protests in Wisconsin today, an announcement has been made that an investigation into Judge Jackie Owens reveals she has no record of a sworn oath on file, meaning she has no allegiance to protecting and defending the United States Constitution.

Warning sign on Vernon's door. Michael Schmidt photo

If confirmed, this means Jackie Owens is IMPERSONATING a Judge and operating from a position of legal and criminal fraud. All judicial officers (including judges) are required by both state and federal law to sign oaths of office that state the following (with some minor variation state to state):…”

Learn more:http://www.naturalnews.com/035128_Jackie_Owens_raw_milk_food_freedom.html#ixzz1o3UcUDLA

As alluded to in the title, the “game” that’s being played out here is “monopoly”. Those who have a monopoly on the production and sale of milk in Wisconsin, are no doubt doing what they can to keep it that way.


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6 responses to “Raw milk farmer Vernon Herschberger passes go, does not go to jail, this time

  1. charles jasunas

    If Vernon went to jail can you imagine the laughter of the other hard criminals when they ask him why he’s in. Did you say for selling milk?

  2. Jackie Owens is not a judge, she’s a Field Service Director from DATCP.

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