Raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt on “Lawyer or no Lawyer” at the Rights Workshop in Wisconsin on March 1st



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6 responses to “Raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt on “Lawyer or no Lawyer” at the Rights Workshop in Wisconsin on March 1st

  1. miro malish

    It seems to me that if one is going to go a lawyer route, then it would be wise to actually hire two or someone that knows the process enough to ensure that the lawyer will work for you rather then themselves. As the lawyers will often work by the hour and so, like road contruction crew will extend the work so long as their is pay. One needs something like a project manager, that understands the various trades and how to ensure they are doing their work proper on your behalf, that is paid by the project rather then by the hour. The great thing is that such a valued person does not actually need to be a lawyer but just really understand the system to ensure that the your particular interests are respected over the interests of the legal profession.

  2. Michael makes some very astute observations here, but what worked for him will not necessarily work for everyone. If a self-represented litigant has an abrasive personality, he may rub the judge the wrong way and get a worse result than a polite, pleasant lawyer would have gotten. The important thing is to connect and create a positive impression on a personal level. Self-represented litigants do not uniformly have this ability; neither do they have a monopoly on doing this. Some self-represented people do a great job; others do a lousy job. Same with lawyers. Some are obnoxious money-grubbing jerks; others are decent, hardworking, amiable people who genuinely try to get the best result for their client.

    • nedlud

      @Karen Selick:

      Wendell Berry provided me (long ago) with one of my all-tiime favorite quotes, he said, ‘Agri-business takes a solution and divides it neatly into two problems.’

      So too it is with all the fields of modern professionalism, as ‘money-making’ (acts of thievery in fact) takes the place (is prioritized) of truly helping people. The more problems the better!

      Further: The ‘professions’ have gone from making money when people are in trouble to making the trouble for the people in order to make more money….

  3. Bravo !
    Michael somehow navigated the minefield of regulatory law and brought our focus back to the place it all began and should always remain : THE HEART !

  4. Joseph Heckman

    Michael Schmidt on front page of The New Jersey Farmer.


  5. Bruce Dunseith

    “The Health Protection and Promotion Act makes it illegal to sell unpasteurized milk in Canada because it’s considered a health hazard. It is, however, legal to drink raw milk.”-for those of us who are such criminal renegades and want to make the adult choice of being able to decide what to put into our bodies, I can only say that I’m turning 35 next month and I’ve never had raw milk. I’ve never done heroin either but I don’t get the feeling that that really falls into the same category.-thanks NANNY STATE for keeping me safe.(although finding heroin is in many ways much easier I’m sure)

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