The Declaration of Food Independence

From Kimberly Hartke on her Hartke is Online blog:

“…Liz Reitzig served as emcee for the rally, and introduced Canadian dairy farmer Michael Schmidt who spoke to the crowd about how food rights and small farms were at risk all across North America. See his guest blog about the issue, The Tragic Reality of Human Kindness. Vernon Hershberger also gave a stirring talk to the assembled crowd, about why he is resisting the food tyranny of the state.

Two moms, Jenny Delonay, and Kelly West, members of the Grazin’ Acres farm club, spoke passionately about why they were a part of the community that supports the Hershberger enterprise. They spoke about what the farm meant to themselves and their families.

Jenny Delonay, a founding member of the club, expressed it this way, “This private contract between farmer and member owners has been a very satisfying way for our family to enjoy the benefits of animal ownership and access high quality food. My contract with Grazin’ Acres is perfectly legal under current Wisconsin law.”…”

Read it all on Hartke is Online.


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