OSPCA raiding Amish farms in Ontario

According to Michael Schmidt, 45 inspectors of the OSPCA raided 16 Amish farms in Huron County. No charges were laid. They found one dog with an ear infection, one puppy born the night before laying away from his mother, and tarter plaque on the teeth of a dog. From CTV news:

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  1. Where does OSPCA get their authority? Aren’t they just a Society, subject to the same rules for search as anyone else?

    • Here in BC a few years back, it got to -17C and a metre of snow on the ground. Nearby neighbours, who were city-folk and “weekend farmers” had a flock of sheep who were without water nor food. A neighbour was supposed to be throwing some hay over the fence to them, but that still didn’t give them liquid water. There was a dead sheep lying near the fence.

      We called the SPCA, and they said they could do nothing without a court order and the involvement of the RCMP. We called the RCMP, and they said they could do nothing without the Capital Regional District bylaw enforcement officer. We called CRD, and they said it would take three days to schedule an inspection. Most animals will die if deprived of water for three days.

      I don’t know what finally happened. The sheep were moved about a week later, and in the spring, the farm was on the market. But I’m pretty sure there was no “raid” as shown in Ontario.

      Seems like “all, or nothing at all,” when it comes to regulatory enforcement. No one ever heard of a “healthy balance” nor priority for “life and limb” danger.

      • Thank God there are very few people like you in Missouri. The law and government was instituted to protect the rights of men not animals, even in tragic situations like this.

      • Jan
        No matter how you slice things it is impossible for someone to have the “authority” to violate the God given Inalienable rights of another man.

        Anyone that argues that the OSPCA could possibly have a right to come onto your land for any reason other than a mala ensea (violating the rights of another man) crime occurring, and then only with a warrant, is a danger to himself and others.

    • Nicole

      They HAD search warrants my dear. The OSPCA did exactly what they should have and followed the law to the T. Search warrants were issued.

  2. In a free society a man has a right to grow and sell food unobstructed. This gang of criminals that call them selves inspectors ( Are really dumbed down shills for big agri) There are no differences in their actions than if your crazy neighbor came armed upon your farm making all sorts of demands; for you safety of course at he pointed his loaded weapon at your wife and child.

    Badges do not grant people extra rights.

    This insanity needs to stop… now!
    But history tells us that tyrants rarely if ever are stopped with out blood being shed. That is their nature, and YOUR fault for letting them even start down this slippery slope. Shame on all of you for being asleep at the switch and bringing this upon all of us..

    • Toki Waza

      Shame on you for believing in a lawless society when your freedoms overide other peoples AND animals. Cruelty does not come under Rights, get real. Cruelty, abuse, neglect are not acceptable in society, screw your Rights when you choose to become a twisted player. Innocent children and animals and seniors can not speak for themselves, not everyone is loud like you.

    • Debbie

      We are not the only species in this world that want a good life… Other animals have rights to but cannot protect themselves. So it is up to us to do so for them

  3. Drawing of a gun no excuse for what followed
    Posted 12 hours ago

    Like every law-abiding Canadian citizen, I was horrified by the goings on in Kitchener Ont.

    If this kind of hysterical response can occur based on a drawing of a toy gun, how many law-abiding citizens may face similar, unreasonable and illegal police-state searches?

    A four-year-old girl in prekindergarten draws a picture of her dad with a gun. She tells the teacher he is protecting her from monsters and bad guys.

    The teacher takes the picture to the principal. He calls the police and children’s aid. The police arrest the guy at the school when he comes to pick up his kids at four o’clock. The CAS takes his kids. They try to take his baby from his wife who manages to call her mother and have her look after the child.

    Sansone is arrested and strip-searched. The police search their house without a warrant and find a plastic toy gun that shoots plastic pellets. Mr. Sansone apparently owns no guns.

    For a Canadian citizen to be subjected to this kind of police state hysteria without seemingly any reasonable grounds seems absurd.

    If teachers are co-parents, as the supervisor for the board of education has said, why didn’t the principal do the common sense thing and talk to Sansone about the drawing?

    Calling in children’s aid only compounded the hysteria and the response of the Waterloo Region police force was unreasonable, bordering on illegal. Ruining a man’s reputation and harassing and embarrassing his family is inexcusable.

    I have always believed in the rule of law in Canada. When did it become legal to arrest someone without reasonable grounds? When did it become legal to enter a residence and search without a warrant issued by a judge for reasonable grounds?

    If I take my grandson hunting groundhogs, as my father and grandfather took me, and he goes home and draws a picture, am I going to be subjected to the same police state hysteria? Will I be subject to a search without reasonable grounds and no warrant?

    If you are playing Call of Duty with your child and he draws a picture at school, is that grounds for an arrest?

    It would be appropriate to provide Mr. Sansone with the financial wherewithal to hire the best legal council in Canada and on behalf of all law-abiding citizens sue the principal, the children’s aid and the police in Kitchener for their abuse of power and unreasonable, hysterical handling of this fiasco.

    People should be fired over this debacle, but none will be. We should at least try to make sure that common sense replaces hysteria and that the police follow the rule of law and protect, rather than abuse, law-abiding citizens.

    The irony in all of this is that daily we see stories from Toronto where criminals with real restricted guns commit real crimes of violence. The legal system allows them out on bail to commit more crimes and fails to convict them when they do appear in court.

    Gaye Smith RR 3 paisley

  4. Well here in Canada as in the US we are uniting to push aside these STUPID laws, we as people have a right to produce and eat the food we choose, We have the right to drink fresh cow & or goat milk. WE have to fight for our freedoms or we will have NONE left. Raw milk is safe when produced in a clean healthy enviroment, pasteurization destroys the vitamin content which is why they have to RE add vitamin D. This is all because of big business and lobby groups. Say NO to Government dictatorship ! Say YES to sustainable living!

    • John

      Sorry, but raw milk contains little Vitamin D. Commercial milk was originally fortified with Vitamin D to successfully aid in the prevention of rickets (as a public health measure). Today, this approach might not be as needed, but your ‘sustainable living’ might include a little time in the sun each day and/or occasional consumption of oily fish to make up the ‘missing D’ in raw milk. When I was a kid, it was a weekly spoonful of cod-liver oil…..ugh!

    • Toki Waza

      Hey World it`s all about me, me and more me, screw all the animals which are nothing but raw materials for me, me and oh yes me.

  5. I was investigated because of a call about a dead horse in my pasture with flys circling it.Turned out the horse was sleeping in the sun. I f only the good samariton had came in to talk to me.
    The problem is we live in a society of tattle tails without the gumtion to handle problems themselves or even lend a hand. Jan Steinman did you help water the sheep or did you find it easier to call the authorities. Sound like you have the city attitude.
    The people who came out to stand strong and support their niegbours
    are on the right tract. We need to stand together in our comunities and the spca will be controlled. If you are offended by your nieghbour go talk to them or maybe offer a hand, otherwise you are no better.

    • nedlud

      Jan Steinman has made some good comments here, which I’ve admired, but I was of the same mind as you, a2horsefarmern.

      Thanks for comment. People need to once again, rely on each other, in good times and bad, and not, I REPEAT: NOT rely on the ‘authorities’. Such authorities should be a last resort. It has become insane, what used to be neighborly and fixable, through various means, is now an immediate crisis.

      Thanks to all commenters. Keep this site going through opinion, experience, challenge and debate. And screw the authorities.

      • Nicole

        It is unfortunate, that the Amish would not let anyone in to “help” them as you say. They were asked, told, pleaded with and everything else to clean up these horrid conditions, and they simply refused. They did not want to spend the money to “clean up” and treat their sick and dying dogs. They could care less that the dogs are in distress as long as they were pumping out puppies to sell. Unfortunately, it is the public that was getting the raw end of the deal. They would purchase a cute little puppy for hundreds and hundreds of dollars only to have the puppy get very sick with bloody diareaha and vomiting. Not knowing what was happening they would rush the puppy to the vet only to find out it had “Parvo”. A deadly puppy disease. They would spend literally thousands of dollars trying to save their puppy only to have it die days or weeks later at the vets. The public has had enough of these puppy mills mass producing sick puppies. Times are changing and the public is fighting back against the Amish Puppy Mills.

      • Toki Waza

        Are you Amish?

    • Nicole

      Sorry honey, they won’t be “controlled”. Thank God for the OSPCA as I have seen first hand the condition these dogs are in and it is HORRIFIC. You clearly have no idea what you are talking about. Dogs living in filthy filthy conditions, underfed, no water, sick, diseased, and so matted they can hardly walk. I find it appauling that you think this is O.K.?? Obviously your sick minded like the Amish that keep these dogs in these conditions. Secondly, they removed 73 dogs a week ago and another 24 dogs yesterday. More will follow, I guarantee that. This investigation is FAR from over. The OSPCA has 6 months to lay charges. Sit and wait, you will see. Isn’t it often said that child abusers and murderer’s start by abusing animals?? These Amish farmers should be put in prision the way they are running thes Puppy Mills.

      • nedlud


        Generally speaking ‘Nicole’, farmers do take care of their animals because there isn’t any ‘profit’ in sick and dead animals. I have seen that farmer’s take care of their animals better than they do themselves–to the extreme, which is, if you think about it, quite sad, because this means the farmers are sacrificing something (their own health) that is vital and right.

        It does happen though, that the farmers themselves find themselves overwhelmed by a ‘stituation’ and then ‘fail’ in their ‘responsibility’ for care. A good and aware communtiy would step in immediately with HELP.

  6. finefurries

    I find it unbelievable how the amish have pulled the wool over the eyes of all these people who are defending them ! Then we are supposed to believe that farmers care about their animals and these same ones defend the way these people factory farm domesticated animals with no regard to their health, comfort, and care.. NONE ! It’s time these puppy mills were brought out in the open..far too many people cannot believe that these puppy mills are often run by the amish..and are shocked. Well here we are ! And for those who think they only found 1 dog with tartar on his teeth..think again and stop believing these columnists…who have no idea what they are talking about ! 74 dogs were seized on Monday and another 24 yesterday. And many more to come we hope !! To those who believe that this has hurt the community….well it’s about time the community woke up to what is happening right under their noses ! Ask these farmers if they are licenced breeders or if they have dog tags for every dog..and ask the municipality if they are following the letter of the law and if the animal control person has seen the abuse and horrific conditions in these kennels ( they like to be called.).and why he is not shutting them down by following the Canadian Kennel Code..? Is he doing his job and is the municipality taking responsibility for what they have known has been going on for many many years..? Let’s put a stop to this horrific abuse and stop blaming the OSPCA for finally stepping up to expose what is happening all over Ontario…probably in around 400 puppy mills or “commercial breeders”….Through education..the word is getting out and luckily we are able to share the real truth about that pet shop puppy. Shame on all of you who have no regard for the most innocent who cannot share the pain and horrific abuse that they have accepted for years..and they die alone after years of being bred to death with not one tender word or touch..SHAME ON ALL OF YOU ! I hope they shut down every single one of you ! These innocent animals cannot scream in pain after you have debarked them so no one knows you have hundreds of dogs and the puppies hidden in your dark barns !!

    • nedlud

      These new comments suddenly appearing are interesting. I have heard about ‘puppy mills’ but never seen one. I know the Amish buggy horses, of the Amish I know, sometimes seem thin and overworked, but so do the Amish men and women, appear thin and overworked.

      I wonder how much it is about the ‘evil of the Amish’ and how it is about the evil of the same system of industrialized economics that made the Native Americans into bloodthirsty savages

      • Toki Waza

        Go to an Amish farm and LOOK at the dogs before you pass judgement nedlud. We have, we speak the truth from seeing with our own eyes. Don`t be protecting and naysaying what you have no clue about.

      • Hogfarmer

        @ Nedlud

        I am a farmer, farrow to finish as I stated. And you are right. Most farmers DO take care of their animals or there is no profit. However, as I stated I have been at MANY of these Amish Puppy Mills, and I can tell you what I have seen with my own eyes which no one else seems to be able to say.

        How would you like it if I sold you 100 weiner pigs, you get them home and days later they are dropping like flies. Disease. And how would you like it that there was no recourse for you whatsoever?

        How would a dairy farmer like it if he buys 10 head of heifer calves, gets them home and within days they are dropping like flies and he has spent thousands of dollars? Again, there is no recourse for him. How would he like it if he was told, “too bad, so sad, your problem, not mine”.

        THIS is what is happening to THOUSANDS of people who are purchasing 5-8 week old puppies that are produced in the Amish puppy mills.

        If you understood dogs, you would realize how the diseases work. Parvo, distemper, Kennel Cough, Coccidia and Giardia are RAMPID in these puppy mills because of the lack of disinfecting, cleanliness and not treating these dogs with proper de-wormers and vaccinations. They pull these pups off their mothers at 5 weeks. They vaccinate them WHILE the pups are still nursing. The vaccines DO NOT WORK while they are receiving their mothers antibodies through her milk.

        So what happens? A week or two after the pup is sold, all of a sudden, it is sick with Parvo, Distemper, Kennel Cough, Coccidia, Giardia etc. The pup is lethargic, vomiting, bloody diareaha, and the unsuspecting consumer who just paid 500.00-1200.00 per pup is rushing it to their vet, only to find out the pup has a disease. Only 1 in 10 pups survives parvo, and that is ONLY if it is caught very early, on IV antibiotics, and copious amounts of IV Fluids so the pup does not die of dehaydration. They can’t eat, they can’t stop vomiting, and the bloody diareaha just runs out of them. Any vet, or anyone who works in a vet’s office reading this forum is nodding their head in agreement.

        The Amish are running puppy mills. Period. Whether you want to believe it or not, those are the facts.

        p.s. it was the Amish’s OWN vet that serves them in Lucknow (local vet Dr. Chahal/mobile vet services) that determined that the dogs were in immediate distress, which is why 73 plus another 24 were removed.
        Chew on that.

  7. Carole Dutton

    Your concern for your community I understand, however you need to understand that behind the Amish barn doors that were raided there are mother dogs whose ears are so infected that the ear canals are closed from inflammation, that their fur is matted so close that its torture and they have never known kindness from their supposed caregiver. Also these particular barns were never licensed for breeding. So they are breaking the law! Would you have these people be above the law??? Yes its hard on your community. It makes me sick that we are in the puppy mill capital of Ontario. It needs to stop now!

  8. Hogfarmer

    For those of you that read the Ontario Farmer’s Magazine, you are probably familiar with Ian Cummings columns. This post is in response to his editorial in the latest OFM. Do you actually believe that the OSPCA would get 16 search warrants and seize 73 + 24 dogs from the Lucknow Amish properties for having a bit of tarter on a dogs teeth, or because of one cold puppy?

    I am a farrow to finish farmer, and I have seen with my own eyes these Amish run Puppy Mills. I can tell you, these Amish run Puppy Mills are beyond disgraceful. The stench of urine and feces is enough to make you gasp for air. These dogs have never been clipped because they have no hydro to run clippers. The dogs are so matted their breeds are unrecognizable. Their hind legs are so matted they can hardly walk. They are kept in wire cages and sustain open wounds that are left to fester. Minimal food, water, and no bedding of any sort whatsoever. I have seen prolapsed uteruses, pyrometra, eyes hanging from their sockets, ulcerated eyes that are sticking out 1 inch. Dogs dying from Parvo, laying on wet cement with bloody diarreaha running out of them. Dogs laying on their sides kicking with their legs from milk fever and can’t get up.

    They (the Amish) won’t spend a dime to make their breeding dogs healthy and take proper care of them. The unsuspecting consumer purchases a fluffy little puppy from the pet store window or from an ad on Kijiji, spend hundreds of dollars on that puppy only to have to rush it to a vet. These puppies are riddled with parasites like Coccidia, Giardia, Hook Worm, Whip worm, Lung Worm, diseases like Parvo, which only 1 in 10 puppies survive. These consumer’s spend hundreds of dollars to purchase the puppy and then spend hundreds and even thousands to try and make the puppy well again.

    The public is outraged at the Amish Farmers mass producing sick puppies. The OSPCA gets thousands of calls each year from the outraged public who purchase these sick puppies. It was time, and is time, for the OSPCA to STOP these Amish Puppy Mills. Enough is Enough!

    • nedlud

      In a certain ‘manner of speaking’, I would love to see this much concern for all the family farmers being abused.

      Very interesting, tuning in to this post this early morning.

      Good work, the Bovine.


      • Nicole

        There is concern for our farmers. Farmers feed cities! We know that and we appreciate that! I am a horse woman, and live on a farm myself. All my friends and neighbors are farmers.

        What cannot and will not be tolerated is blunt and deliberate cruelty to animals, as in the cases of the 16 Amish Puppy Farms that are NOT licensed, were undergroud, and breaking the laws. They were not following any sort of Canadian Kennel code, nor were they being inspected yearly, because they were being kept “undergroud” and hidden from the public AND the Township.

        Because they are Amish are you saying they should be above the law?

        I think not.

  9. thebovine

    I don’t see any news stories out there substantiating these allegations of puppy mills being run by the Amish who were raided. If anyone knows of such stories, please post a link in the comments. Thanks.

    • Hogfarmer

      You don’t see any links for Amish Puppy Mills? Just Google and you will get hundreds. Google – Amsih Puppy Mills.

  10. I believe that every creature that can bleed, or feel pain has the right to be treated with respect and compassion. No one in my eyes has the right to treat them any other way, whether they be puppy millers, Prime Ministers or a everyday person like me! We fought a great war when Hitler decided to do things like this to other humans, so when did we as humans decide it is all right for us to treat animals this way. Just because we think we are the superior being that does not give us the right to abuse the other creatures that inhabit this earth with us. It is called the “GREED” machine that causes these situations and it is all done for money! It is a way for the farmers to make money… but it is the animals that suffer the pain. Most us of when we need money we go out and get a job but the millers have a way of making money because there is demand for the cute puppies.
    So the public needs to know about the abuse that goes on in these puppy factories…. maybe someday it will stop until then I will speak for the ones that cannot! I will rescue the ones that need it!
    There is always going to be so many opinions on the subject, but we as humans are the ones that have created these problems and we are the ones that need to fix it… and stop the suffering !!!

    • “I believe that every creature that can bleed, or feel pain has the right to be treated with respect and compassion. ….”

      Get ready for raids on peoples homes that have mouse and rat traps! Those with roach poison should get at lest 20 years and those that use antibiotics and kill BILLIONS of life forms should get the death penalty.
      Yes roaches and bacteria bleed and are just as complex as the cells in your body. Or is you compassion limited to war, fuzzy looking creatures?

      • hogfarmer

        @ tittiger You are clearly missing the point. Please re-read my post on how many THOUSANDS of innocent PEOPLE are being affected and drained financially when they are trying to save that diseased pup their children got to pick out. Parents are financailly ruined, children are heartbroken.

        To understand what is happening you need to re-read my posts.

      • Hog farmer I reread you posts. And I think you are a busy body that believes government should solve all of societies ills. I think the solution for you is not to buy any animals from the Amish if you think that they are of such poor quality. If what you say is true they are doing you a favor as in a free market your superior animals would quickly become known and demand a higher price.

        Like I have said elsewhere I do not agree with everything the Amish do. But there is much to admire about them. The same could be said about any group or culture.

        I will however if called upon to do so defend with my very life their right to live their lives as they see fit as long as they do not agress upon other human beings.

  11. Toki Waza

    Those of us who are EDUCATED have known for years and years how the Amish community treat their livestock and pets. We have taken in so many neglected and abused animals from them just in the nick of time before they are `culled` which means shot dead. HELLO….the Amish may think they are better than the rest of us because they don`t use electricity BUT, they breed hundreds of pups from neglected, sick, depressed dogs who live in their own filth and waste, never get groomed, never know a kind word, never touch the grass with their cage-splayed mangled feet, and ya know why??? GREED, like everybody else, for the MONEY! Wake up Canada and stop protecting the `wrong` ones, ANIMALS ARE INNOCENT AND HAVE NO VOICE!
    Ya want some pictures of dogs I`ve taken in from the Amish? I`ve got LOTS of photos. DON`T BUY – ADOPT – SPAY AND NEUTER – BE RESPONSIBLE

  12. Haven

    Unless you were there to see how every single one of these farms Ian I think you should be making any judgements on what the OSPCA did. I help with a few different dog rescues and have helped SAVE many retired breeding dogs from these very same “farmers” EVERY SINGLE ONE of them were in dreadful shape. (mental and physical) Very under weight, teeth so infected that they had to be pulled out by a vets, nails so long they were growing back into the pad.
    I’ve seen these dogs so I have the right to judge these “farmers” and yes you may be right in what you say about them not fighting but that would be the only truth in anything you posted. The OSPCA only raided the places because of the public complaining so to shut them up they went in…BUT they left with their pockets filled…with cash. It’s amazing on what cold hard cash can buy. If the media had been there with live cameras I can quarentee you there would have been dozens of charges,,,,why because they could hide what is really going on in these kind of places.

    It’s a shame that puppy mills try to hide behind the word farmers because it really gives honest hard working farmers a bad name.

    • Haven

      I need to apologize in regards to my post. I got my story confused with another inspection that happened in Quebec by local animal control and NOT by the OSPCA. My post has nothing to do with the story that happened to the inspections that occurred in Ontario.
      The inspection in Quebec involved only one local farmer.

      Sorry for any confusion and incorrect facts this may have caused.

  13. Hogfarmer

    The Amish are all honest are they?

    Two Amish men in Elmira have been charged by the OPP. March 8, 2012. Bovine Fraud.

  14. Shirley

    We adopted 2 wee yorkies that were seized from an amish farm that was raided. These 2 little girls had many health issues, one had thyroid and the meds cost just over 30 dollars for a years treatment. Sadly she was never treated because they do not spend money on them or the time. This little girl had lost most of her hair but was continually bred till they were saved. Both had lost most of their teeth due to disease, both had severe ear infections and one had her ear canals almost closed because of the untreated infections.

    These millers ram pipes down the throats of these dogs to debark them, that way neighbours don’t hear the barking from these caged, malnourished, sick dogs. The smell of the urine and feces will burn your eyes if you walked in the barn, can you imagine living with it 24 hours a day with no ventilation?

  15. Lynn

    If these dogs were being looked after properly there wouldn’t be an issue here!
    I am sick to death of abuse, torture,killing of animals and all the other rotten things going on in our world all in the name of “Religion”. Why does “Religion” exempt people from being caring human beings> No wonder the world is in such a turmoil.
    Minister Peggy Kinsman talks about “respect, tolerance and understanding”. Where is the respect tolerance and understanding for these dogs who suffer in silence? Yes, silence! because if they are barkers, they are debarked! Ask them how it is done……it certainly is not a humane procedure! I thought “man” had evolved more than this.
    She also mentions “finger pointing, mistrust and suspicion of neighbours”. Perhaps it is warranted.
    As she is a” Minister of God”, I am appalled that she would condone anyone the acts of anyone who has so little regard and compassion for the lives of God’s creatures.
    There is NO compassion, only GREED!
    Greed breeds contempt…..and believe me, I have nothing but contempt for anyone who puts MONEY (which it all boils down to) on a pedestal and am not alone in this thinking!
    Reputable breeders only breed once a year or every second year…..not at every heat! In puppy mills the pups are taken away from the mothers way too soon in order to force them into another heat!
    Reputable breeders raise their pups in a home with love and socialization.
    Reputable breeders do not sell to pet stores or brokers.
    Reputable breeders do not have hundreds of dogs which they are breeding indiscriminately.
    I suggest this Minister goes into one of these barns and look into the “hopelessness” in the eyes of these dogs and the deplorable condition they are in……if they will let you in…..which I very much doubt! There is a reason that the public is not allowed in their barns. Think about it!!! If they had nothing to hide you would be welcomed.
    SHAME on the whole community for turning a blind eye to the plight of these dogs. You are all despicable in my eyes and I for one am glad I don’t live anywhere near any of you.
    I thank God for the OSPCA and all the other organizations that work diligently to help and defend “Those That Cannot Speak For Themselves”!
    I hope you hear their silent screams in your dreams for the rest of your lives!
    It’s time to get the province involved……call your MPP and educate them!

  16. hogfarmer


    Can you tell me where my post is where I was explaining about canine vaccinations?

  17. thebovine

    By Ian Cumming, from Farmers Forum.com:

    OSPCA officers raid 16 Amish farms with police back up — find dog with tartar on teeth

    By Ian Cumming

    On Feb. 27, a fleet of cop cars and 45 OSPCA inspectors swooped in on 16 Amish farms in Western Ontario. When the dust cleared, the OSPCA inspectors issued a variety of orders concerning animal housing, as well as eyes, ears and skin conditions of various animals. No animals were seized and no charges were laid as the OSPCA is “working with” the Amish to rectify these problems.
    In fact, the OSPCA raided the farms twice in one day. After they left the first time, they returned with new warrants and entered the homes.
    I’m not making this up. Mention of the raid is on the OSPCA website. The emotional phone calls I got provided some details on this story we need to hear so much more about.
    One of the Amish slipped past the cops to use a neighbour’s phone and got hold of the local Huron – Perth Landowners’ Association. Nine members got to one farm, near St. Helens, where six cops had arrived to protect the four inspectors, a veterinarian and their mobile animal hospital from this oh-so violent Amish farming family.
    Someone should have told these armed OPP and bulletproof-vested OSPCA inspectors, who now carry billy clubs if they request them, that Anabaptists don’t fight. Never have, never will.
    The animals were fine on this one farm, where the OSPCA whipped up a grand total of three concerns: One dog had an infected ear; one day-old puppy was cold and too far from its mother; and another dog had too much tartar on his teeth. Do you get a toothbrush for that? Not sure whether the OSPCA got to see the horse, which had raced over to the neighbours, clearly in distress. Distress? That’s against the law. Could have triggered a criminal charge.
    The day-old pup and dog with the ear infection were in the same barn. The calm, bearded Amish man, wanting to end what so horrified these obviously-deranged-English-who-needed-to-get-a-grip, went for his gun to shoot the two critters.
    The landowner members stopped him before he pulled the trigger. Why? I don’t know? He was totally within his legal rights to blast them and toss them on the manure pile. It’s his property.
    Also, it’s in his deeply-held religious beliefs, having dominion over the animals. His animals.
    The Amish — all eight sects of them from the Swartzentruber, to the Old Order to the Beachy, and not to be confused with the Mennonnites — for better or worse devoutly follow their Ordnung. Their strict teachings provide a degree of separation from the outside world.
    And that is where these raids cross a line. Their freedom to be who they are, believe what they believe, was always left alone, whether we, the oh-so enlightened, agreed with them or not. Or even respected them, or not.
    This act, this raid, not only challenges, but makes illegal, the core of who the Amish are, who work with animals far more than us ‘normal’ farmers, where a horse is worked to make the farm money, not petted or babied. There is no dog food purchased for their working mutts to round up livestock. The runt of the litter dies in the barn without going to the vet. Such is nature. Such is God, they will tell you.
    A year last spring, I went trembling into an Amish farmer’s yard, saying a heartfelt “sorry” that I asked his son to drive our tractor on a busy highway and not being used to it, a horrible accident occurred with a car. Thankfully no one was hurt, yet death was escaped by a whisker.
    “If he had been killed, it would have been God’s will, not your fault,” the bearded father of nine, who milks 17 cows, told me calmly. A person who looks at life with those eyes, with that faith, is going to worry about a dog with an ear infection, or the runt of a litter?
    Until now, we left the Amish alone to worship and honour. Somehow someone needs now, to not only displace the Amish core values, but impose their own. The gospel of animal rights.
    We, on the outside looking in, where the concession north of our New York farm has more Amish buggies on it every day than cars, can be critical of their ways. We see their formal education doesn’t get past Grade 8 in the one-room school, taught by teachers with only that amount of education.
    The older teenage boys, before they are baptized, are able, under rumspringa (to work for a few months outside the Amish community), to listen to a radio or watch TV for the first time, as they work on your farm. The girls are never allowed to leave the community.
    But when you watch an eight-year-old drive a horse, shoot a coyote and join his siblings with an incredible work ethic and quiet respect, who are we to dictate?

    Ian Cumming farms in Glengarry County and operates a dairy farm in New York state.


    • Well said Ian Cumming. Very well said. I live in an Amish community and while I do not always agree with the way Amish treat animals I would fight to the death for their right to do so.

  18. thebovine

    From a Combine Forum post titled

    “The Meek Shall be Raided”

    OSPCA officers raid 16 Amish farms with police back up — find dog with tartar on teeth

    This time the SPCA is pushing their weight on those who WILL NOT fight back at all. Even in court. Since their tied up in lawsuit cases in eastern Ontario they must have figured picking on the Amish in the west would be a safe bet.

    If anyone can find any better articles to link to please do, mainstream media doesn’t care about this as usual.

    btw this months Ontario Farmer article mentioned that the SPCA is a private company, funded privately and depends on funds from FINES to sustain itself.

    Could you imagine if police were strictly paid going by the number of arrests and speeding tickets they gave out?


  19. thebovine

    Letter to the editor from a local minister:

    OSPCA actions concern minister
    Posted 3 days ago
    Dear Editor,

    I am a resident of Lucknow and part of the St. Helen’s Community. Our community was shocked and saddened by the OSPCA actions taken last week upon the Amish community. The news report on the visit to the 16 farms indicated the number of vehicles and personnel involved and concluded with no charges being laid. My first reaction was one of disbelief that such expense was incurred for what was then reported as no charges to support the visit.

    Since then there have been reports of what sounds like like some concerns for animal well-being and that a follow-up visit would be required.

    I wish to let you know about the impact of your actions. The effect on the local community is that it has resulted in finger pointing, mistrust and suspicion of neighbours. None of this is any good for a community like ours or for any community for that matter.

    It has also left a wound in our community. Whereas the OSPCA is an important organization and one which many of us respect and support, there is now a concern for the wisdom of the actions seen in our community last week. Might you be concerned about the impact on public support given that your actions will no doubt cause the loss of supporters, financial and otherwise?

    Healthy communities are based on respect, tolerance and understanding. Your actions have sadly damaged these things in our community. In future, perhaps you’ll include these concerns when planning strategies intended for the well-being of communities, for the animal welfare and the members of the communities.


    Peggy Kinsman, minister of Lucknow and South Kinloss Presbyterian Churches


  20. thebovine

    The above are three stories I found today searching for more details on this raid. So far I don’t find anything to substantiate all the talk about puppy mills in the comments by other commenters above. If anyone has a link to such a story, please post it here in the comments. Thanks, — The editor.

  21. hogfarmer

    Dear thebovine,

    The definition of a puppy mill is:
    1) Numerous dogs and various breeds in distress
    2) Dogs living in substandard care
    3) No Kennel Licenses
    4) No yearly inspections

    All 16 Amish Farms raided in Lucknow were all of the above. This equals puppy mills.

    How many farmers have 75-150 dogs on their property for pets? It is not allowed. 3 dogs are allowed and they must have a dog tags. If more than 3 dogs and they are intact, the property owner MUST have a kennel license and be inspected yearly by the Township and OSPCA and the Township/Animal Control.

    When you have 16 properties with 75-150 dogs on each property for breeding, living in substandard conditions, this is known as “Puppy Mills”.

    Again, answer me this question…..how many of us farmers have 75-150 dogs in cages and pens in our barns?

    • thebovine

      OK, but where’s the news story that talks about these 16 Amish farmers having such a large number of dogs? Post the link. Thanks.

      • hogfarmer

        Dear thebovine,

        What people need to understand, that until the OSPCA lay charges, there will be no links. What people also need to understand is that the OSPCA has 6 months to lay charges. In almost ALL puppy mill investigations, the OSPCA does not lay charges until the 11th hour. There are reason for this that I cannot get into on an open forum.

        Many, many orders have been issued on these 16 properties. When orders are written, the orders stay OPEN until the OSPCA fully feels the orders have been complied with. This means, they can keep these orders open for months, even years.

        This particular investigation on the 16 properties in Lucknow is FAR from over. It has just started. You will see more dogs removed, that I can guarantee.

        The OPSCA can only remove dogs when a vet deems them in “immediate distress” or, when orders have not been complied with. In the case of the 73 plus 24 dogs that have been removed so far, the orders were not met after 7 days, AND a vet deemed them in “distress”. Again, this was a local vet, Dr. Chahal that serves the Lucknow area. He is a mobile vet. He is also the vet that these Amish Properties use to vaccinate their puppies. Their OWN vet deemed these dogs in immediate distress, AND orders were not complied with by the OSPCA.

        Back to your original question as to where are the links. There are no links until the charges have been laid. Then you will see all the facts, and they will then send out a press release saying Amish Puppy Mills in Lucknow…………….. Just keep watching the news and press releases.

        I am going to step back from this conversation now. I have told straight facts, and it is now up to the readers of Bovine to decide if they think it is O.K. to allow these atrosities these Amish Puppy Farms are causing the public. There are between 75 – 150 dogs on EACH of the 16 properties. I can tell you that with 100% certainty.

        People, whether they are farmers or city people work hard for their money. Someone should not have to pay 500.00-12000.00 for a puppy for their children or themselves, only to have to turn around and spend thousands more to try and save the puppies life because of disease. Most end up loosing their puppy as the pup dies.

        My question again to you thebovine…..if they are not puppy mills what would you call them?

  22. Sue Fisher

    Amish puppy mills are brutal. I have seen dogs that have come right from the mills – eyes missing due to infections, blind due to urine scaling their corneas, faces that are lopsided because they shove rods down their thoats to stop the from barking, legs deformed, backs deformed from harsh treatment, skin rashes, no hair, ears infected so badly that they are like califlower from the inflamation, flea infested, urine burns on their privats, and on their paws, undernurished, prolapsed and infected uteruss from over breading, scaring from being cut open for taking babies out and roughly sewed back together with twine – you have NO CLUE AT ALL the pain, cruelty involved in this industy – just to make a buck. The Amish are cruel – their horses – left outside all day in the sun – hooked up to wagons,etc. Anyone who says to leave them alone needs to get a life and move into the 20th century!

  23. Haven

    For legal reasons they cannot call it a puppymill (media and inspectors). The media was not invited to this “so called raid” so that is why you don’t see stories and pics. People in the in know very well it really wasn’t a raid just a visit to shut up the neighbors.

  24. hogfarmer

    @thebovine Can you please tell me your thoughts on this? Here is the link.

    The Amish are all honest are they?

    Two Amish men in Elmira have been charged by the OPP. March 8, 2012. Bovine Fraud.

    • thebovine

      Well the fact that these folks are Elmira based doesn’t automatically mean that they are Amish. The story doesn’t mention that they are Amish. I don’t necessarily think all Amish are saints. But in the case of the CTV story that started off this discussion, we’ve yet to hear reports of anything that sounds genuinely worrying, and grounds for such an intrusive investigation. Not to say it won’t come out in the future.

      • hogfarmer

        @ thebovine They are Amish, they were shown on T.V. It is obvious to me, that you are completely one sided in protecting law breakers and the Amish. You choose to ignore all facts, even when it is right in front of you.

        You know very well these 2 were Amish. You know very well what Puppy Mills are, and yet, you still choose to “defend” people that are destroying THOUSANDS of peoples lives across Ontario.


  25. Keep up the good work Bovine and shining the light of day on the cock roaches that call themselves our servants.

  26. Mary Kay

    “The measure of a society can be how well its people treat its animals.” ~Mohandas Gandhi

    I have seen first hand dogs who have lost their eye sight due to the ammonia from the urine they are made to lie in burn their eyes. I have seen dogs that are lame because they were ripped from their cages breaking their legs and getting no treatment– I do not define that as humane, nor do I define that as values I wish our society to poses.

    “The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it. ~ Albert Einstein

    So I ask you to stand up and act now to protect and humanely treat animals.

  27. hogfarmer

    @ tittiger Well, the good news is, tittiger, is that you will NEVER win against the Government or the OSPCA, or any other Government body. hahahahah
    You can protest and spew all you want, it is going to do you NO good.
    They will keep you right in your place, because it is people like you that need to be reined in.

  28. thebovine

    @hogfarmer: Well you may have seen on TV that they were Amish, but I didn’t see that, and I have only your word to go on for that information. I don’t doubt that there ARE puppy mills. But whether they are connected with this investigation is very much an open question, as I see it.

    As I’ve said before if anyone knows of followup news stories adding more facts on the case, please post a link in the comments here. Thanks!

  29. Frosty

    We love and are taught love through the love that our God initiated and shared with us through creation. And since all life is created by God then so too does God spread his love. Therefore the charity & love passed on to us should be passed on to animals for they were created with his love as well. It is understandable that the majority will read the above passage, and care less, but for the GOD FEARING Amish, i would at least expect you would respect your creator by providing Charity to those who require it, be they man or creature. I make no accusations and respect the Amish and there choices in lifestyle, but if the allegations are true…just know that the abuse of animals is a SIN, and if you plan to live your life free from sin and reap in the gifts that God has provided, then respect all life and realize that any life that brings joy and happiness into another life, is a GIFT given and received

  30. TLC


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