In Europe raw milk vending machines; in America, anti-raw-milk police

From Nicholas Tomasi, on “Death Rattle Sports”:

“The raw milk debate (not sure why there is one in the first place) has been heating up, with several media outlets taking an interest in the latest health food trend and studies being undertaken as well.

This one is more about the freedom to choose what we want to eat as humans of free will than it is about the possible health benefits, however, and it’s yet another indicator that Americans need to get out and fight for their freedoms again.

While raw milk is hard to find at best in America despite the fact that many of our ancestors were raised on it, Europe is the total opposite. Recently, news and pictures about raw milk machines in countries like Italy and now France have come out in American alternative media outlets, raising several questions.

The foremost one of course is, if it’s good enough for them why isn’t it for Americans? And if it’s good enough for the country that gave us Louis Pasteur and his way of heating (exchanging nutrients for an easier way to make it safe, proponents say), why not for us?

There obviously is a major lobbying group working behind the scenes to keep things the way they are in America. Just go to the store, buy your jug of (possibly artificially hormone-pumped and of course antibiotic-pumped) 2% and shut up. Don’t ask questions about trivial things like asthma rates, lactose intolerence, acne, early puberty in girls, and so on and so forth….”

Read it all on Death Rattle Sports.


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5 responses to “In Europe raw milk vending machines; in America, anti-raw-milk police

  1. Bill Anderson

    All the more reason why Americans need to embrace European-style democratic socialism!

    • James

      Excuse me, you already live in a socialist communist country, It’s called the united States. The fact that you do not see this proves the tenth plank work very well..

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  4. Nick

    Communism and/or socialism do not entail rigging the game so that the financial elite have the rest of the population by the balls, James!!!! read a book please, people like you who misrepresent america’s problems are part of the problem yourselves!!!

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