Some surprising reaction to the James Stewart tortured in custody reports

From David E. Gumpert at the Complete Patient blog:

“…They deserve what they’re getting. It seems to me we always hear this when certain high-profile people are accused of crimes. There are some people who simply forget our system’s supposed credo that individuals are innocent till proven guilty. So convinced are some of these people that James Stewart is guilty of some terrible crimes, that any punishment meted out on him is okay. They ignore the reality that not only has he only been accused, he hasn’t even had a pre-trial hearing or any other sort of court proceeding to present evidence of his side of the story. Targeted torture and abuse of the convicted is bad enough, but of the accused? 

Torture or just equal-opportunity abuse? C’mon, Stewart wasn’t tortured, goes the refrain here. Seven hours without food, that’s not torture. Jail isn’t a room-service hotel, after all. I’ll grant the fine-pointers that. Does abuse becomes torture at eight hours without food, nine hours, 24 hours? Just like the confinement in a cold room. When does garden-variety abuse become torture? When your body temperature goes down to 95 degrees, 90 degrees, when you become unconscious? Does a little dousing become waterboarding when your head is submerged in water for 15 seconds, 30 seconds, or 45 seconds? Anyone who goes in for these fine points is doing just what the government enforcers want–getting lost in the minutae while they keep turning up the heat.

We better get ready to defend ourselves. Talk about guns or elaborate sovereign-citizen agendas may sound neat, but I think the authorities are on to such ideas. The one they have a more difficult time with is civil disobedience. The recently unveiled “Declaration of Food Independence” by the Raw Milk Freedom Riders commits adherents to “respectfully declare that we will peacefully reject laws and regulations that infringe on this God-given right” to obtain food directly from the farmers and producers of our choosing. …”

Read it all on The Complete Patient blog.


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One response to “Some surprising reaction to the James Stewart tortured in custody reports

  1. James

    Cops, Pig what ever you want to call them do this everyday all over the country and have been doing it for decades…. The people look at the boob tube become hypnotized and believe the crap told to them by the news anchors. Do you recall waco and the story about child sexual abuse? Thats all it take and you get away with murder. How about the taser guns these guy carry around.. How many people have to be killed with them before the public understands the new propaganda about a taser being safe is B.S?
    No The county is finished and it’s just a mater of time before the bottom falls out. it took 160 years to slowly close this trap,it’s next to impossible to undue all programing now. Woman would never allow it, they need a big strong cop to protect them at all cost from them selves and others.

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