Canada’s dairy board “Healthwashing”

From Meghan Telpner’s “Making Love in the Kitchen” blog:

Written by Maeve Gallagher

We’ve been talking a lot about healthwashing on the Love in the Kitchen blog lately. When it comes to some of the moo-vers and shakers of healthwashing, the dairy industry is right at the top. When perusing the Dietitians of Canada “myth debunker” last week, I was a bit stunned to see myth #16 which reads: “MYTH: Cows’ Milk is full of hormones and antibiotics.”  The next one down read: “MYTH: Pasteurization Destroys vitamins and minerals in milk.”

I was curious to see who were listed as sponsors for this “myth” debunking guide so I flipped back to the front page.  Lo and behold, the Dairy Farmers of Canada were a main sponsor. (And, another sponsor was Hellman’s mayo- see myth #36: Mayonnaise should be avoided when following a healthy diet.” Don’t even get me started there).

Let me lay this out, firstly, before I get accused of being anti-farmer.  Afterall, We are big, big fans of farmers here at the Love in the Kitchen headquarters and we think they deserve the utmost respect.  I do consume dairy on occassion, and my first stop for the good stuff is right here.

The “Dairy Farmers of Canada” are a group that claim to represent dairy producers, and lobby the government to adhere to their preferred regulations for ALL dairy farmers- even the small scale farmers, who aren’t interested in playing along anyway. Despite claiming to represent all producers, this board of directors doesn’t have its small scale representees’ interests at heart.  Dairy prices in Canada are among the highest in the world, but the farmers’ themselves only see a small percentage of the profit on dairy.  The Dairy Farmers of Canada (DFC) would have us believe the distributers and retailers of dairy are to blame- but really, you have to wonder- who pays for all the fancy smancy healthwashing marketing campaigns the DFC run?

Let me explain. When my man, currently studying at teachers’ college, came home with a DFC sponsored “nutrition program” for kids in grades 4 to 6, I was outraged.  It was the most blatant healthwashing bull (excuse the bovine inspired pun, there) I have ever seen. The entire kit, which is claims to be all about informing children to learn about “well rounded” nutrition and health, is completely focused on “bone health”.  And how dairy is really, really good for bone health.  And how certain sports (like swimming- um WHAT?) aren’t great for bone health.  And if you can read between the lines: go get your parents to buy overpriced, processed milk otherwise you won’t have strong bones and you will be unhealthy.  These kits are mass distributed to schools, boards and teachers’ colleges.  This is just one example of where Canadians’ dairy money is going- misinforming children and parents alike, instead of supporting those farmers’ who want reform in the dairy industry….”

Read it all on Making Love in the Kitchen blog.



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2 responses to “Canada’s dairy board “Healthwashing”

  1. Josephine

    In the US and Canada, Dieticians are regulated by government . Some dieticians have jumped over the fence to cross over another similar profession, ( certified holistic nutritionists), which is a profession that is unregulated by government. Dieticians, if they want to keep their licence, must convince their clients that RAW MILK is bad and should not be consumed.

    It just tells you that anything regulated by government is often times not always reliable for many different reasons.


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