The absurdity of raw milk prohibition

This Carolina Journal Online columnist gives voice to a sentiment that seems to be growing across North America these days in regard to raw milk. Continued prohibition is just not making any sense. Why should governments be cutting back on everything from meat inspectors  to social services, while at the same time pouring what must be vast amounts of public money into prosecuting peaceful farmers who’ve finally figured out how to make a living providing something people want, and model citizens who are just trying to feed their families with what they see as the best and most nourishing foods they can find.

Are we missing something here? Who’s driving the rabid anti-raw milk agenda that we’re seeing from the FDA and other enforcers of the dairy status quo?

From the Carolina Journal Online:

This week’s “Daily Journal” guest columnist is Fergus Hodgson (@FergHodgson), John Locke Foundation Director of Fiscal Policy Studies.

RALEIGH — Picture a peaceful, Amish farmer, selling one of nature’s super foods — fresh, raw milk. Eager customers came from afar, even across state lines, to savor the taste and access a nutritious product. Who could oppose such harmonious commerce on Rainbow Acres Farm?

Government officials and their enforcers, that’s who. This Pennsylvania farmer has been the subject of a yearlongsting operation, which included stealth purchases and a 5 a.m. surprise inspection. In February, a federal judge imposed a permanent injunction that prohibited him from selling his milk across state lines. Given the strain of the confrontation, he has decided to call it quits entirely.

Could it get any worse? Actually, North Carolina has a far more draconian law, the topic of a House Committee hearing last week. In this state, raw milk cannot be sold for legal human consumption, period. Individuals are not even allowed to co-own a cow to gain access….”

Read it all on the Carolina Journal Online.


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6 responses to “The absurdity of raw milk prohibition

  1. Bill Anderson

    There’s a simple answer to this question:

    Who’s driving the rabid anti-raw milk agenda that we’re seeing from the FDA and other enforcers of the dairy status quo?

    Answer: The dairy processing corporations, and their desire to monopolize the dairy markets in order to maximize profit.

  2. Compliments to Fergus. Well said.

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  5. D. Smith

    Just found this a while ago. Within the first 2 minutes of the vid, the Judge explains why interstate commerce is wholly unconstitutional. Why, then, does it happen?

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