Growing threats to human life on earth

Alex Jones thinks GMO foods are part of a “soft kill” solution:

From Willie Nelson and Anna Lappe on Reader Supported News:

Why we must occupy our food system

Our food is under threat. It is felt by every family farmer who has lost their land and livelihood, every parent who can’t find affordable or healthy ingredients in their neighborhood, every person worried about foodborne illnesses thanks to lobbyist-weakened food safety laws, every farmworker who faces toxic pesticides in the fields as part of a day’s work.

When our food is at risk we are all at risk.

Over the last thirty years, we have witnessed a massive consolidation of our food system. Never have so few corporations been responsible for more of our food chain. Of the 40,000 food items in a typical U.S. grocery store, more than half are now brought to us by just 10 corporations. Today, three companies process more than 70 percent of all U.S. beef, Tyson, Cargill and JBS. More than 90 percent of soybean seeds and 80 percent of corn seeds used in the United States are sold by just one companyMonsanto. Four companies are responsible for up to 90 percent of the global trade in grain. And one in four food dollars is spent at Walmart.

What does this matter for those of us who eat? Corporate control of our food system has led to the loss of millions of family farmers, the destruction of soil fertility, the pollution of our water, and health epidemics including type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and even certain forms of cancer. More and more, the choices that determine the food on our shelves are made by corporations concerned less with protecting our health, our environment, or our jobs than with profit margins and executive bonuses.

This consolidation also fuels the influence of concentrated economic power in politics: Last year alone, the biggest food companies spent tens of millions lobbying on Capitol Hill with more than $37 million used in the fight against junk food marketing guidelines for kids.

On a global scale, the consolidation of our food system has meant devastation for farmers, forests and the climate. Take the controversial food additive palm oil. In the past decade, palm oil has become the most widely traded vegetable oil in the world and is now found in half of all packaged goods on U.S. grocery store shelves. But the large-scale production of palm oil – driven by agribusiness demand for the relatively cheap ingredient – has come at a cost: palm oil plantations in Indonesia and Malaysia are razing rainforests, releasing massive quantities of greenhouse gases and displacing Indigenous communities….”

Get the whole story on Reader Supported News

And now a word about Walmart, from Tom Philpott, in Mother Jones:

“Is Walmart really going organic and local?

I live on an organic farm in North Carolina, so I don’t spend much time roaming my local Walmart looking for produce. But on a recent trip to Austin, Texas, I decided to stop by a busy supercenter to see how the company was going about its well-publicized push to sell more local and organic food.

The produce section sat between the in-store McDonald’s and some giant coolers packed with Hormel bologna. There were crates piled high with perfect orbs of cabbage and tomatoes, onions and melons. Elephant-ear-size collard greens sat in tight bunches; stacks of fist-size lemons beamed yellow. Plenty of fresh food, to be sure, though a few “Grown in USA” signs were the nearest thing I could find to an indication of local. Organic? A few bags of house-brand lettuce claimed that standard.

But you can’t judge Walmart on a single store. The company sells 18 percent of all the groceries bought in the United States—more than anyone else by a wide margin. And it’s not just Froot Loops and rock-hard tomatoes. Over the last decade, Walmart has emerged as a massive player in the organic-food market. By 2006, the year it made a splashy announcement about doubling its sales of organic food, it was already the nation’s No. 1 seller of organic milk. By 2007, according to the market data firm Scarborough Research, shoppers in search of organic food chose Walmart more often than any other grocery store….”

“….I asked Walmart’s Buchanan for examples of farmers from whom it buys local produce. The three she gave me—inNorth CarolinaWashington, and Arkansas—all run substantial operations, and none is organic. In fact, according to Prevor, Walmart’s organic push has mostly focused on nonproduce items like milk and baby food. Prevor told me that its buyers had tried aggressively to bring in much more organic produce, but “they just couldn’t find operations with sufficient quantity to supply them.” A company of Walmart’s size simply can’t devote resources to “chasing down small organic apple wholesalers and buying 60 cases of apples because that’s all they have.” Walmart doesn’t say how much of the produce it sells is organic, but “I’d be surprised if it’s more than 2 percent of the total produce,” Prevor said….”

Read it all in Mother Jones.

From Russ on his “Volatility” blog:

Monsanto, GMOs and the Food Tyranny Bill

But as the piece goes on to describe, the yields of Monsanto’s Frankensoy and Frankencorn are down. They’ve had to backpedal on the price scheme. Farmers are also disgruntled over being forced to buy genes they don’t want to get the ones they do want. That’s part of this alleged antitrust investigation. (A real investigation would be a good thing. With this government, I’ll believe it when real charges are actually filed.)
Monsanto forcing farmers to buy genes they don’t want, because they’re in a position to do so, reminds me of the health racket mandate. True, it’s not yet the government mandating the purchase of something expensive and worthless. But that was also true of ”health insurance”. It’s the same logic. And if the mandate holds up in the courts, then once it has the full “constitutional” imprimatur there will be no theoretical limit to how far the corporatist mandate schemes can go. Food activists are already speculating on how future legislative appendages or bureaucratic enforcement of the Food Tyranny bill may mandate the purchase of particular seeds, fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides, and any other kind of “innovation” the rackets can bring to market. Where you have a government which is compliant toward the rackets and tyrannical toward the people, the tendency will be for the criminals to push the assault as far as the people will allow.
The piece refers to how a rival, Dupont’s Pioneer, has been gaining on Monsanto. But if the NYT is aware of the real significance of these numbers, they’re not letting on:

After years of rapidly losing market share in corn seeds to Monsanto, Pioneer says it has gained back 4 percentage points in the last two years, to 34 percent. Monsanto puts its market share at 36 percent in 2009 and says it has remained flat this year. In soybeans, Pioneer puts its share at 31 percent, up 7 percent over the last two years; Monsanto puts its share at 28 percent last year and said it has dropped some this year.

This is the real problem, the expanding oligopoly over our very food supply. We know these companies are malevolent in intent, while their business model is intrinsically harmful to food production and the environment. They consciously seek total monopoly over seeds, and through this monopoly, world domination of the food supply. We’d be hostage not only to their power, but to the toxicity and environmental instability of the Frankenfood “eco”system itself. This is extremely vulnerable and unresilient.
In the same way that CAFOs are going to generate lethal pandemics (it’s only a matter of time), GMOs are going to trigger mass famine once they replace enough conventional production and then catastrophically fail. The true food safety answer in both cases is clear – ban the destructive and vulnerable practice and restore the historical practice. We’ve learned enough during the industrial age that we can maintain high yields without oil, without natural gas (used mostly in synthetic fertilizer), without GMOs, without factory farming, without rentier dominance.
But as I’ve written many times (most recently here and here), help is on the way for Monsanto and the other criminal gangs. The Food Tyranny bills have been designed to suit the greed and powerlust of these rackets. Obama appointee (to the totalitarian position of unelected “Food Czar”) Michael Taylor is a former Monsanto cadre who as a lobbyist helped write these bills, and Obama now wants him to take the lead in enforcing them. That’s just the most brazen example of how Monsanto criminality and tyranny suffuse the whole legislative and executive intent and practice. (And Monsanto’s just one of the rackets involved.) We can imagine what’s intended to happen if/when the Senate passes its companion version to the vicious bill the House passed last year.
These bills have been written literally by Monsanto, and they’re for Monsanto and its fellow oligopolists. That’s why the food bill has to be rejected, and if that doesn’t work, resisted….”
In another post, Russ goes on to talk about how Obamacare sets a precedent for a command economy in which:
“1. Does this mean that if Congress decides that proprietary GMOs are to be normative in the same way it has dictated for private health insurance, it can mandate purchase of these seeds by all growers? Impose penalties on heirloom seeds, or ban them? What about other agricultural inputs?”


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9 responses to “Growing threats to human life on earth

  1. Personally I have a jaundiced view of anything that the globalist Walmart does. (They have already co-operated with homeland security and are showing, spy on your neighbor, Brown Shirt videos for Homeland security.)

    I would bet my life, that as soon as they bankrupt all the other grocery stores that they will drop the little good stuff they carry, and substitute only Monsanto Franken-Veggies.

    Walmart get’s a thumbs down in anything they do from me. The poison they sell shows their true colors.

    • D. Smith

      I’m with you, Joe. WaLMart is going to be the downfall of the middle and lower class people because most believe those store are there to *help*. A good lawyer could probably sue them daily for false advertising. The other conspiracy things they’re probably involved in are mind-boggling. I think your assessment is correct about their future plans, as they have already put many, many Mom and Pop businesses out of business. Yeah, they’re such a benevolent company. I wouldn’t shop there for anything. The town I live in just built a huge new sam’s club, but the building they were in still sits empty because they want a whorehouse price for the building and the property, so only another corporation will ever be able to occupy it. All part of the plan, you see. This stupid town also just built another walmart store in a RESIDENTIAL section of town (they jumped through a gazillion hoops and paid off all the right people, of course) so that makes three of those lousy stores peddling their cheap chinese crapola to people who think they are getting some real bargain on something they probably didn’t need in the first place. It really isn’t walmart’s fault, I suppose, that people buy all kinds of stuff they could well live without. People need to re-assess their values, which won’t be hard to do very soon because no one will have anything left to spend and you can’t barter if you have nothing to barter with, right? But they still get a thumbs-down from me, too.

  2. D. Smith

    I believe in soft kill, seriously I do – but the people from Monsanto breathe the same air as you and I, don’t they? So if things like the nuclear plant explosions are spewing toxins into the air, won’t that affect everyone, not just us “ants”? Jest thinkin’ out loud.

    • thebovine

      That is an interesting question. And I don’t have a good answer. What possible use will they have for all that money if they kill off the greater part of mankind in the process. And how can they do that without killing themselves. There was a story a while back about how they didn’t serve GMO food in the Monsanto cafeteria. It comes down to a question of whether the people behind this are merely mistaken about the safety of the products they’re pushing, or whether it is part of a conspiracy to drastically reduce the human population. And it could be both. Many people could be mistaken, and a few could be conspiring.

      • AJ

        Or, it could just be that the people within high positions of power are just sadistic psycopaths whom need to be removed from their throne of perpetual mysery.

      • D. Smith

        It takes three things to be a conspiracy. Know what they are? I can’t remember either! But go to Youtube and search out G. Edward Griffin. He wrote the book The Creature from Jekyll Island (about the Fed Reserve) and he also wrote a book about Vitamin B17 (Laetrile) and how it should be used for certain cancers. In amongst all the youtube presentations he has one concerning conspiracy and it’s just excellent viewing. I could spend all day watching his vid’s if I had the time.

        A couple of good web sites with writers who are seeking out answers to some of these tough conspiracy type questions (and other stuff, too) are : and Probably some information there you’d like to check out.

  3. Bill Anderson

    There should be (at minimum) mandatory labeling of all foods that contain GMOs. The best approach would be to simply ban them outright, as is already done in the more enlightened EU countries. But barring a total ban, they should at least be labelled so consumers can make informed decisions.

    • D. Smith

      What I really don’t understand is this: IF monsanto is so dang proud of their GMO’s, and if all the *save the world / feed the world* stuff is true, why are they reluctant to blast it off the front of every package containing a GMO?? You’d think they’d be so proud that it would be in big neon letters. Yet, they stay rolled up in the carpet, surprisingly silent. What do they know that they aren’t sharing? THAT is the question which begs an answer.

  4. Amar Jeet Singh Sandhu

    All Governments on the Ball of earth – Must Get Together To => CUT SMOG + RECYCLE GARBAGE + MASS EDUCATION + PURIFICATION TECHNIQUES OF EDIBLES + FURTHER DEVELOPMENT OF MASS TRAVEL = ETC. The Main life in the world is = Human life. Kindly Accept It and Get Working for MASS-SURVIVAL.

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