Sheep may safely graze…. but maybe not if they’re Shropshires in Ontario

Shepherdess Montana Jones, on the radio:

Andy Oudman (1290 AM CJBK, London ON) and Pam Killeen interview Montana Jones (, Karen Selick and Judith McGeary about the disappearance of the family farm and the importance of preseving heritage breeds. Here’s a quote from farmer/author Joel Salatin: “CFIA’s intent to annihilate the Wholearth flock of Shropshire sheep owned by Montana Jones is deeply troubling. Without credible tests that empirically prove the existence of scrapie, to proceed with the planned extermination is both unscientific and tyrannical…” FOR THE INTERVIEW, LISTEN HERE — (April 5, 2012)



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4 responses to “Sheep may safely graze…. but maybe not if they’re Shropshires in Ontario

  1. Andrew Angus

    Will someone talk to Patric Lyster & Lorri Nelson from Coyote Acres. She sold him the ewe that cost him his flock. Stop one sided reporting.

  2. BC Food Security

    Dude: It is not this blog’s job or mission to pour extra time, money and resources into confirming or reporting the Government’s side of the story . For one thing , this blog is a zero budget operation . Are you inundated with advertising when you surf here ? I think not. Everybody knows the government has infinite resources to sell their version of reality at the expense of other possible or better ones .At the same time , nobody is stopping you from investing your own time and money to report the government’s version of reality. However please make it an example of truly “balanced” reporting that gives equal weight to both sides so that we all know what exactly that is . The fact is that every human being has their own biases, favourites or advocacies. That is life . So , yes, our bias is to support the unfunded and unsupported underdog organic farmer and not assume that whatever comes out of some CFIA spokesman’s mouth is “Gospel truth” . Even with all their infinite resources they constantly blunder along and make all kinds of scientific ,technical and other errors and are rarely held accountable for such goof-ups even when it means strangling the livelihood of a sincere organic farmer family.

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