Hunger is no game for poor in Britain

Is this how “the system” uses the seemingly impartial objectivity of economics to put the screws to what the elite may regard as “useless eaters”? From The Independent:

The Hunger Games book

“Evidence is mounting that thousands of children in the UK are not getting enough food to eat – and that, as financial hardship spreads, their numbers are increasing rapidly. Chris is 10. He and his brother are so malnourished that their skins are pale and they have rings under their eyes. Their older brothers have such an unhealthy diet that they have lost their adult teeth. They live in the sixth-richest city in the world – London.

The boys are just four among thousands of Britain’s hungry children – victims of a “silent epidemic” of malnutrition in the capital and beyond….”

Now remember, this is not the horn of Africa, this is the former seat of empire, London, where Samuel Johnson once said “If you’re tired of London, you’re tired of life”. Of course, the situation may be just as bad in other formerly developed countries such as the U.S. Maybe we’re hearing about Britain because the Brits still have some vestiges of an independent media that’s not too compromised to bring these things to light. 

If you’re out of touch with youth culture you may not realize that the “Hunger Games” books, and now a movie based on the book, have attracted massive interest in young people, who read about a future where having not enough to eat is an accepted fact of life. Will that book be the 1984 of this generation?

In light of these these prophecies of food scarcity, all the questions we’ve been following here on the Bovine, such as food rights (can you eat grow buy and sell the foods you choose) and food policy (will governments continue to suppress small organic growers, while supporting and mandating CAFOs and GMOs in spite of mounting evidence that people don’t want them and that they may not support disease-free life) take on a whole new urgency. If this generation doesn’t get enough healthy food to sustain life, it’ll likely be because of the type of food policy decisions that are being pushed already now, and not because farmers are not inventive enough to grow what people want to eat. More from that story in The Independent:

“….”Barnsley is a proud place, parents don’t want to admit they can’t afford food, but when you see their reaction when we have something we can give away, you can tell immediately what the situation is at home. It’s the first thing children ask about when they come in the door – do you have any food?”

The School Food Trust, which advises the Government about children’s nutrition, said that for “far too many children” a free school lunch was their only proper meal of the day. “Teachers often report children coming to school too hungry to learn, and fears about whether they will eat at all when they get home from school in the evening,” a spokeswoman said….”

Read more on The Independent.


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4 responses to “Hunger is no game for poor in Britain

  1. “Government is a disease that masquerades as its own cure.” ~Robert LeFevre

    Get rid of the governments that purport to be our servants, but instead have become our masters and you will solve most of the worlds problems.

  2. nedlud

    Thanks for this report.

    If you are able to live on a farm or small acreage, and if you have access to reasonably pure (in this day and age) water, and you can breath reasonably pure (in this day and age) air, and you receive sunlight and rain and therefore can produce much of your own food, and perhaps share and trade with others and derive a local economy from doing so, this is what you should be doing. And you should fight (to the death) attempts by industry and government to prevent you from doing this.

    Thank you, everybody.

    Blessed Easter.


  3. Teresa

    A lot of the time some parents in that situation need to be re educated about budgeting their money.I come from, have lived & worked in very poor areas & I have seen parents who would sooner spend their money on branded clothes,dvds,mags,sky tv, going out, drink & other stuff instead of buying food. When it comes to feeding my children when they was young i didn’t buy magazines at 2pound each which can by 3 shop brand loafs of bread or 20 + pound in Mac Donalds where i could by a lot of cheep food for meals. I have even had to make a choice not to pay my bills in the past when food was more important. When ur rent & council tax is payed by benefits & ur getting Child tax credit of 30/40 pound per child pw, child benefit of 20 per child pw & I.S. 60/99 pound pw for ur self with gas/ele & water reduced (working families don’t get this), some families get a min 160 pound per week for 1 adult & 2 children. To me that is a lot of money & that can buy a lot of food. So I think the real question should be what is families on benefits doing with their money?? Because I work now & I get a lot less then what a lot people get on benefits. There is no reason why children should go hungry when their parents do get enough to feed them.

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