B.C. local governments take on GMOs

You’ve no doubt heard about those towns in Maine that have declared food sovereignty. Well, here’s something at least a little bit in the same direction happening right here in that second rate socialist country, Canada! (Believe it or not, that’s what our Prime Minister is reported to have called it.)

From Randy Shore in the Vancouver Sun:


“The City of Richmond is poised to join a growing number of B.C. municipalities that oppose the cultivation of genetically modified crops and plants within their boundaries.

A resolution has been working its way through city hall since June 2010, when Arzeena Hamir of the Richmond Food Security Society and April Reeves of GE Free B.C. pitched councillors on proposed wording that would keep Richmond free of genetically engineered trees, plants and crops.

“We got a call a few days ago from city staff saying they are finally ready to write the report,” said Hamir. “It’s been lost in the legal department for nearly two years, but the resolution is expected to come to council in May.”

Richmond councillor Harold Steves said staff were struggling with the question of how to deal with several farmers in Richmond already growing GE corn.

Opponents say crops such as canola that are engineered to survive pesticide applications lead to excessive use of chemical weed controls. They also worry that engineered genetic material will mix with conventional and organic crops and that foods made with the products of genetically engineered soy and corn may generate unforeseen allergic reactions in consumers.

If Richmond council passes a resolution opposing genetically engineered crops it would join a growing patchwork of B.C. municipal governments to have taken the step.

Read it all in the Vancouver Sun

Read more: http://www.vancouversun.com/technology/Richmond+poised+take+stand+genetically+modified+crops/6437736/story.html#ixzz1ry9VAudS

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One response to “B.C. local governments take on GMOs

  1. I wonder what B.C. is doing with their G.E. corn. An Ohio farmer fed it to
    his pigs and only 20% got pregnant in a whole year before he figured what
    was causing the problem.

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