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Danielle Smith speaks up for the “conscience rights” of Alberta civil servants; raw milk anyone? UPDATED!

Danielle Smith, from a recently photo op in an ice cream store. Photo via Danielle's Facebook page.

The following quote is taken from a newspaper story by Warren Kinsella, in the Calgary Sun, that’s in general harshly critical of the views of Wildrose Alliance leader Danielle Smith. Danielle’s party is a strong contender in the upcoming Alberta elections.

“How does she get away with that? How, in particular, does her caucus — who are, overwhelmingly, hard-Right social conservatives — let her get away with that? How can she, for example, say she’s “pro-choice” and also call abortions at four months “horrific?”

To do that, Smith has come up with an interesting little bit of “doublespeak” — she calls it conscience rights. It means, under a Wildrose government, if a doctor or nurse’s “conscience” opposes abortion, then they can refuse to perform them. Continue reading


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Raw milk: problem, reaction, solution?

In his latest post, American raw milk journalist David E. Gumpert compares the recent spate of raw milk disease incidents, and the outcry on the part of raw milk opponents — calls for prohibiting the feeding of raw milk to children and such — he compares that to the relationship between uppity blacks and their oppression by whites in the American south during the era of slavery. That’s certainly an illuminating comparison in that it highlights what might be happening on a soul level between the groups or classes involved in mutual struggle.

But one is tempted to wonder if there’s yet another principle at work here behind the scenes. There’s a well known formula of government that’s been invoked most famously through the events of 911. Step one is that you arrange for, or allow an outrageous public incident to take place, to “process the group mind”, as it were. Step 2 is to wait for the public outcry that something be done about it. And then step 3 is to put in place the “solution” you’ve been wanting to implement all along, but now you can do it with the appearance of democratic permission. Continue reading


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New group helping farmers in Ontario

From the new Practical Farmers of Ontario website:

Farmer Sean McGivern, of the Practical Farmers of Ontario. Photo from the PFO website.

“An energetic, strong willed Grey Bruce organic farmer, Sean McGivern, has started a new Ontario farm group.

Sean helped one of our Ontario farmers when he was refused access to testing for his milk at the University of Guelph just over a year ago. One phone call and the issue was cleared up. He also led our raw milk rally in Owen Sound last year. When Sean McGivern puts his mind to something he is a force to be dealt with. Continue reading

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