New group helping farmers in Ontario

From the new Practical Farmers of Ontario website:

Farmer Sean McGivern, of the Practical Farmers of Ontario. Photo from the PFO website.

“An energetic, strong willed Grey Bruce organic farmer, Sean McGivern, has started a new Ontario farm group.

Sean helped one of our Ontario farmers when he was refused access to testing for his milk at the University of Guelph just over a year ago. One phone call and the issue was cleared up. He also led our raw milk rally in Owen Sound last year. When Sean McGivern puts his mind to something he is a force to be dealt with.

As you will see when you read the articles this post is linking to, this new farmers group is aiming at making some changes to regulations that limit small independent farms. After seeing Sean speak a few times and watching his actions on the raw milk front, I am convinced that if anyone can bring about change in Ontario, this strong willed farmer can. He is a strong leader and that is what it takes to organize people and bring about change. Being a strong leader in any cause often ruffles the feathers of the status quo so it will be interesting to see where this group goes and what it accomplishes….”

Learn more at the Practical Farmers of Ontario.


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