Raw milk: problem, reaction, solution?

In his latest post, American raw milk journalist David E. Gumpert compares the recent spate of raw milk disease incidents, and the outcry on the part of raw milk opponents — calls for prohibiting the feeding of raw milk to children and such — he compares that to the relationship between uppity blacks and their oppression by whites in the American south during the era of slavery. That’s certainly an illuminating comparison in that it highlights what might be happening on a soul level between the groups or classes involved in mutual struggle.

But one is tempted to wonder if there’s yet another principle at work here behind the scenes. There’s a well known formula of government that’s been invoked most famously through the events of 911. Step one is that you arrange for, or allow an outrageous public incident to take place, to “process the group mind”, as it were. Step 2 is to wait for the public outcry that something be done about it. And then step 3 is to put in place the “solution” you’ve been wanting to implement all along, but now you can do it with the appearance of democratic permission.

Of course the same formula has been used before, for example in Pearl Harbour, for  getting the U.S. into WW II. Not to mention the many “false flag” attacks or events which have seemingly been staged expressly to justify actions governments wanted to take. See Alex Jones’ movie “Terrorstorms” for more on these. You can find the whole 2 hr movie on Google video.

So, ugly as it is to contemplate, would we really put it past the opponents of raw milk to deliberately stage an incident or incidents designed to raise a public outcry against the product they would like to see banned?



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4 responses to “Raw milk: problem, reaction, solution?

  1. AngelMyne

    its called The Theory of Social Entropy… and its been around for as long as mans had the notion of control… Ive a book called Agent of Chaos by Norman Spinrad for which I was first introduced to such. it has 12 ‘quotes’ or steps. And Ive even put them to good use with groups of people before and so know it to be ‘working theory’. Nothing new at all to me in the governmental big picture….

  2. BC Food Security

    Although it is an indirect approach to this overall “problem” , I think the notions of Sustainabiliy, Greening the Economy, Ethical Business , and reducing “Carbon Offsets” could be useful here. Because what it will do going forward , is show which persons and entities are genuinely and whole-heartedly committed to societal good and which entities or persons are only paying lip service to it while they fill their personal pockets and destroy the planet. The ridiculous contrasts are already apparent. We are told to be prepared for pension and education reductions, tuition fee increases, “Frankenfood” of all kinds, worse transportation bottlenecks, increased government service backlogs, while $25 billion is being spent on 50 or 60 fighter jets (in Canada) that have not even been developed (sounds like snake oil selling at its worst ? ) . Who benefits from such a bizarre exercise which generates jobs at the rate at around 1-2 million dollars per job ? It used to be the 90% vs. the 10 % privileged ones now It is more like the 99.99% vs. the 0.01% (in this case many of whom are not even inside Canada) . I have not even mentioned the upcoming $35 billion warship boondoogle that Prime Minister Harper has currently committed Canadian tax payer funds to. The sad thing is that by allocating so much of our precious time ,talent , money and resources OVER THE NEXT 25 years to such misguided ventures, we will be able to do so much less to build a just and better society for our children and grandchildren. Last but not least, as the above article so eloquently clarified, there may be further need to generate phoney (False flag and otherwise ) pretexts for conflict and war to explain and justify this and even more financial wasteage all to please the military industrial complex in its greedy and misguided, stressful adventures .

  3. Yes BC. The 1 biilion dollar weekend militarization of Toronto was my Orwellian nightmare that woke me up permanently. The false flags were the donated cop cars and phoney anarchists given ‘stand down’ free rein. This is a military state. does anyone doubt this anymore?

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