Raw milk bias misguided, says farmer

By Jodie Jackson, via Three Wheeled Cheese:

“Eric and Joanna Reuter believe a state and local health department bias against raw dairy products is partly to blame for those agencies initially linking raw dairy to an E. coli outbreak.

The couple, owners of Chert Hollow Farm in northern Boone County, said health departments have rushed to judgment in the past, and they cite examples of small farms forced to go out of business or destroy large volumes of food as a result of “health scares.”

“There’s no mechanism for fighting back,” Eric Reuter said. Small farms stand to lose sales and their reputations because of “raw milk paranoia,” he said, but that’s not the case for health departments.

“There’s no equivalent risk factor for them to get their facts right,” he said.

When state and county health officials announced an E. coli investigation last week, they listed raw milk as a possible link among the cases. State health officials said today that victims of six of the 13 E. coli cases reported consuming raw milk products from the same farm….”

Read more on Three Wheeled Cheese blog.


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