Canadian raw milk consumer forum

Special to The Bovine, by Margo McIntosh

The Canadian Consumer Raw Milk Advocacy Group is announcing their forum at  The purpose of this forum is to collect information and discuss how to constructively go forward with our lobbying of government.

Within the new forum are some boards to start people thinking about the types of things we need to find information on.  For example, there is a board for Raw Milk Science, one for Raw Milk Outside Canada, Raw Milk in Canada, Pasteurization in Canada and a general discussion board for things that don’t fit any of those criteria.  New boards can certainly be posted so let us know what you think needs to be added and it will be given due consideration.

We have working group members writing papers on the different subjects listed and we sure could use your help!  If you have links to information or documents that could be uploaded and used by our members and also shared with everyone who joins the forum, we welcome them.  We also welcome conversation on these boards so that we see all sides of this equation and conversation that gets everyone thinking and brainstorming together to find solutions.  Many heads are better than one when it comes to finding ways to go forward with initiatives.

The forum is brand new so help us populate the boards with research links, article links, media links, your thoughts etc.  As it takes a village to raise a child, it will take a city to find a way to work around the raw milk laws in this country.  Your help will be much appreciated!

Be proactive and help us be part of the solution to the raw milk battle in Canada!

Also, please don’t forget about the petition.  We need as many signatures as you can manage to get for us!

Margo McIntosh for the

Canadian Consumer Raw Milk Advocacy Group

Margo McIntosh, RHN, RNCP, CGP,

Registered Nutritional Consulting Practitioner,

Certified GAPS Practitioner,


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