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Practical Farmers of Ontario now have 200 members after 2 weeks — CTV

Learn more on the Practical Farmers of Ontario website.

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Among the leading causes of despair…

John Kenneth Galbraith in a BBC documentary a few decades ago quoted a British statesman with experience in colonial India as saying “Governing men is grand work, the noblest of occupations, though perhaps the most difficult…”. Already back in the last century independent commentators had clearly identified government actions as a leading cause of death among humans, with wars, genocides, famines and other killings piling up the bodies. So perhaps in light of Galbraith’s quote, governing men is difficult in that we really haven’t got it right yet, much as we like to brag about our “democracy” and claim the moral high ground on account of our spreading it to other supposedly less civilized parts of the world. 

Jeffrey Tucker, on “Despair and the State”, from the Daily Reckoning blog:

“The sad and tragic story of Andrew Wordes — the chicken farmer who was driven to despair by government harassment and killed himself last month — continues to haunt me. And it turns out to be just one of millions of cases of similar psychological torment caused by government, directly and indirectly. These are wholly unnecessary events, inflicting terrible loss on the world. Continue reading


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