GMOs covered in Vogue magazine

Proving once again that food issues are not just for farmers and foodies, here we have a crucial contemporary food concern (GMOs) given serious coverage in a mainstream, perhaps THE most mainstream fashion magazine of them all, Vogue. Does that mean the GMO issue is “in vogue”. Well, for all our sakes, let’s hope so.

From The Non-GMO Project:

Movie star Scarlett Johansson -- the sort of thing you'd expect from Vogue. A serious story on GMOs, not so much.

“The current issue of Vogue magazine (May 2012) features an excellent article on GMOs. A well-researched piece by Eve Conant, “Lab to Table” covers the latest research on the technology as well as the burgeoning resistance movement. The article concludes with great info about the solutions offered by the Non-GMO Project, and ends with this quote from Non-GMO Project Executive Director Megan Westgate:

I asked Westgate if she felt certain GMOs were dangerous. “What evidence do we have that they are safe? This is an experimental technology, and if people don’t want to experiment on themselves or their children, they need to have a choice. And that’s what we’re providing.”…”

More in the Non GMO Project.

For now at least the article doesn’t seem to be online. But you can read it in the print edition of the magazine. Page 286 in the May issue of (presumably American) Vogue.


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4 responses to “GMOs covered in Vogue magazine

  1. Thank you for highlighting this great article. The Non-GMO Project appreciates your support!

  2. gincoolette

    I am going to buy the magazine. I want to see how they frame the issue and whether they actually explain what GMOs are. Most articles focus on tensions rather than explanation of what the issue is.

  3. gincoolette

    Reblogged this on Intellectual Salon's Blog and commented:
    Major Major news: Vogue Magazine talks about GMOs in its latest issue.

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