CFIA returns, posts armed guards at Montana Jones’ farm last night, on “death watch” for pregnant ewes

Posted last night on Montana Jones’ “Save Our Shrops — Shropshire Sheep Facebook page:


CFIA RAID on WHOLEARTH FARM!—Suddenly, at 7:15 PM tonight, four Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) officials arrived at Montana Jones farm with an Order of Destruction for 9 VRQ genotyped sheep.

CFIA claim that the obex of a sheep submitted tested positive for scrapie. We do not believe them. These are the sheep CFIA claimed were low risk for scrapie. We asked for the DNA report to have it retested by a third party with DNA kept from the same sheep, to avoid another CFIA possible “mistake”.

They refuse to provide the DNA.

CFIA left just a while ago. They will return by early morning—in less than 8 hours—to load the sheep and take them away to kill them and their unborn lambs. No time for an overnight injunction on a weekend..they know that. They have planned it so they can take and kill the sheep with no interference.

The sheep DID NOT HAVE SCRAPIE…and DNA from the test tissues WILL prove it.

CFIA veterinarian Douglas MacLeod who delivered this news tonight, was the same person who examined the very same animal the day before she died last week, saying that she looked very comfortable. He commented, “She’s not grinding her teeth, doesn’t look to be in any pain, she doesn’t have any scrapie symptoms, her eyes look normal, she has a normal gait, no tremors…perhaps it’s pregnancy toxemia.” The ewe had others issues unrelated to scrapie, exhibited over only a few days. She was pining for her missing flockmates, and had stopped eating, then began throwing up, and I suspected an impacted rumen.

Now…. two security guards sit in two vehicles at the end of my driveway on the roadside. They will not give me their names, only to say they are there for the government and will be idling their fumes all night long.

IF YOU CAN COME TO THE FARM their arrival at 8:00 Sat morning, voice your opinion! Tell them what you think—Should they give me MY OWN SHEEP’S DNA back for a fair, unbiased test?

If they are convinced it’s a real, un-tampered-with, not- falsified actual result, why not let the DNA prove it?



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6 responses to “CFIA returns, posts armed guards at Montana Jones’ farm last night, on “death watch” for pregnant ewes

  1. Patric Lyster

    Are you saying that a sheep can have scrapie and not show the classic symptoms? Something that has been pointed out before but Ms. Jones neglected to tell people. She continually said that none of her sheep showed any symptoms of scrapie, well just for information scratching can be a symptom of scrapie (the sheep could just be itchy, as well), also death can be a symptom of scrapie (can be many other causes as well, but it is a symptom of scrapie).
    Why not let DNA prove it? Does Ms. Jones have prior DNA on her sheep, or will she just say that the sheep was misidentified and /or there was a sample mix up, so even with DNA, she could still deny that the sample came from her farm. She has questioned the identity and identification done in the past, so why would she not deny it now? Why did Ms. Jones not want to have DNA verification of the original case ewe WHE 24S done to verify that it came from her farm? I offered to pay for such testing and she has never accepted the offer.
    Now for the real wonderful part, a positive case only shows why CFIA was quarantining the flock and that there was a risk.
    Also, I noticed that the sheep was only approxiamately 6 years old. Interesting in a flock that claims they live to 10, 11, or 12. Oh, I am forgetting that this sheep was missing her friends, Perhaps Ms. Jones shouldn’t have seperated her from her friends that got stolen, and she would have been stolen, too. But wait, how did the “thieves” know and identify which sheep to steal, since the order was for 41 and apparently there was only 31 left, alive, on the list and that is all the thieves stole, according to Ms. Jones lawyer (well depends upon which version you believe)?

  2. Lorri Nelson

    “As for the handful of non ARQ sheep they left…they are not the best heritage genetics. Which says a lot for needing to preserve that genotype. I can’t use them, i don t want them,” is what Ms Jones said about her remaining sheep, right here on the Bovine.

    So now you’re going to get compensated for your “worthless sick sheep.” (See how that feels?)

    I feel bad for Montana, but if one has scrapie one needs to know. And remember, you have to trace it. You need to find out where it came from. Something that should have been done in this case in the first place, back in 2010.

    One other very important point. Why does the sheep having toxemia preclude her having scrapie? Please be aware that a scrapie positive ewe can still have toxemia, and a ewe with toxemia can be scrapie positive. They are not mutually exclusive.

  3. Wish I were there to come to your farm!!!

  4. “why not let the DNA prove it?” … because there’s something else much bigger going on here. It suits the tyrant to have you focus on the micro-detail, while they pull off the major crime = using persiflage + word magic, hiding behind the badge of authority to take your property unreasonably. And all the little pew-warmers say “oh, the govt. would never do something like thaaaat!” forget about these sheep. They’re gone. Step back and look at the larger problem : we are ruled by people who hate us. Race traitors in high places

  5. Patric Lyster

    How come we only see a partial photo of the letter? Is there more information that Ms. Jones wishes to keep hidden?

  6. here’s the link to Vernon Hershberger’s document challenging jurisdiction, posted on Aajonus vonderplanitz’s website

    very much on-point, of what CFIA is doing with the Shropshires = rest in peace sheepies, or, in pieces

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