Rawsome founder responds to the New Yorker article on raw milk and the Rawsome raids

Thanks to Marilyn Gang for the news tip. From Aajonus Vonderplanitz’ “We Want to Live” blog:

“The New Yorker magazines RAW DEAL article was so far more favorable to our right to have the foods we want in a major magazine, including raw milk but the details of the article are not so favorable. Everyone continues to argue bacteria.
Bacteria is not the problem.

I do not understand why the New Yorker author reiterated the fraudulent disease-“statistics” from CDC, health department, university and processed-food employees and investors as if the statistics were based on science and fact, especially since they possess such a superstitious prejudice against raw milk. I gave her research that proved calling bacteria the food problem is an intentional misdirection and a way for government/industry to gain control of our food….”

Read it all on “We Want to Live”.


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5 responses to “Rawsome founder responds to the New Yorker article on raw milk and the Rawsome raids

  1. Aajonus Vonderplanitz posted pretty much this same commentary on my blog (www.thecompletepatient.com). I wrote this response:

    Aajonus, I agree there are assertions to question and debate in The New Yorker article. Where I have difficulty is with your explanation in your comment here of your actions with regard to James Stewart and Sharon Palmer, especially your suggestion that you had no choice but to take the extreme actions you took. You state:

    “I have been criticized and ostracized for reporting Stewart’s and Palmer’s criminal behavior to law enforcement. Stewart and Palmer left me no choice. I approached them about the quality of foods produced at Sharon’s farm numerous times in 2 years but most often they yelled at me…People need to realize that Stewart has harmed our food-movement immeasurably. He did not leave me a choice but to stop him the way I did.”

    I wonder if you really had “no choice,” that there weren’t some less extreme measures you could have taken. Perhaps asked the Rawesome members to vote on changing the situation. If that wasn’t practical, how about simply having invited Rawesome members who didn’t like what Stewart-Palmer were allegedly doing to move with you to establish a new food club? Or if you wanted to take legal action, I’m sure there was some kind of civil action you might have filed, like sought an injunction against them supplying the food you thought was dangerous.

    I suspect that the hostility you say you have encountered stems not only from your decision to publicly air your complaints via a web site, but also from your decision to take your Rawesome food complaints to criminal prosecutors. Those complaints did nothing to affect Rawesome’s food supply–the prosecutors cared not a whit that Palmer might have been substituting conventional eggs and meat for her farm’s produce–but did result in loan fraud charges against the two that could send them to jail for more than 30 years each. In effect, you opened the door for prosecutors to exact revenge on Stewart for running a private food club.

  2. thebovine

    Sounds like a very messy business indeed. And very personal. Sad really.

    • it’s worth reading the evidence presented by vonder Planitz on another website, substantiating his allegations.


      what interests me is ; how Sharon Palmer got away with her frauds for so long = + 2 years. Part of the duty of a chapter-leader for the Weston A Price society, is, to investigate someone advertising foodstuffs with certain qualities.

      A few years ago, when a guy started advertising raw milk being available in the Greater Trawna ‘food-shed’, the WAP people were out there right away, then informed all-concerned that conditions on the farm were nowhere near what they had to be, in order for its product to qualify as REAL MILK

      my experience over 30 years in the “organix movement”, leads me to believe that food-buying clubs are going to come to the fore. Those who run them, are being paid for being information-gatherers, more than just doing the heavy lifting.

      At the hearing of Fraser Health’s Petition in the Supreme Court of BC, back in 2010, to do with Home on the Range cowshare, Alice Jongerden put to the Judge : when did “private” become “public”. Of course that baboon in a black robe never deigned to address, let alone answer, the very crux of it all = freedom of the individual to associate ourselves, without govt. interference. The Supreme Court of Canada ruled that sexual libertines can do whatever they want behind closed doors, and the state cannot cross the threshold. Yet, woe to you people who underwrite your own farm, then hire someone to do the work, in order to get your sustenance. Oh, no. Can’t have THAT!, outside the Stalin-ist system of supply managment, dictated by commissars on their [snip] asses, 3000 miles away

  3. thebovine

    We don’t mind if you talk about their policies, but as for what kind of people you think they are, well, that’s best kept to yourself. Civility!

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