Health blogger under fire in N. Carolina

From Raine Saunders on Agriculture Society:

“Today I’m expressing my opposition to what’s going on in the State of North Carolina. A blogger named Steve Cooksey of Diabetes Warrior maintains a chronicle of his health journey, detailing how how he’s managed his disease.

The North Carolina State Board of Dietetics (members of the American Dietetics Association) has formally objected to his blogging activities, and he is now facing 120 days jail time. For what, you may ask. Writing about how he is healing himself without drugs and conventional approaches to his diagnosis of Diabetes.

When he was originally diagnosed, he was recommended to take insulin and consume the Standard American Diet of government recommendations, including My Plate (formerly the Food Pyramid) and a regimen of pharmaceutical drugs. Since then, he has been in the process of reversing his condition by not taking conventional advice.

If you read his blog and you don’t agree with his recommendations, then you certainly don’t have to take them. He’s not a doctor, nor does he claim to be. Steve is merely sharing his experience in the hopes that it may benefit others.

That should be just fine, right? Not really….”

Read it all on Agriculture Society.


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10 responses to “Health blogger under fire in N. Carolina

  1. Their issue is with him Selling Consultations to others w/o a license. Its not just that hes blogging his personal exp. its that hes Selling Medical Advice for Profit. He aught to just get the freaking License.

    • nedlud

      While you were ‘schlepping’~

      ‘The aim of state-sponsored counter-rebellion or ‘counter-insurgency’ is to subvert the rebels and the ideals for which they stand (most often social justice and equality, land rights etc.) and successfully portray the rebels and their ideology to the wider population (and world) as self-interested, fundamentally lawless, and immoral miscreants who must be dealt with severely. In pursuit of this aim, otherwise benign ideological divisions that exist within most populations can be stirred up and exacerbated in an effort to split the grass-roots support for any rebellion and align a significant percentage of the population with the state and against the rebels. If successful in this effort, the terroristic state policies that provoked the rebels to form in the first place can be increased and spun as lawful defence against the ‘terrorism’ of the rebels. Winning the public information battle – defining the nature of and reasons for the conflict – is therefore a key element in deciding the outcome. With the resources of the state on its side however, the ruling class or state usually have a distinct advantage in this respect.’

      The above is from a wonderful piece by Joe Quinn over on, sub-titled, ‘A Lesson in State Terrorism’.

      As a young man, over 30 years ago, I looked around and saw the deteriorating environment (and moral code) and decided to become a small ‘organic’ minded farmer dedicated to performing a sustainable craft and living a ‘loving earth attitude’. This entailed economic sacrifice, and much hard work, to say the least. When Organic Valley came along, years later, I was persuaded to join, thinking I had found a ‘friend’, who would at least balance the scales a bit (help me sustain my farm with more pay/income). Instead, they abused and took advantage of me and my family. They were and ARE, just another arm (tentacle) of the terroristic STATE, practicing those policies outlined above.

      Beware and be aware, everyone, of just how bureaucracy (and the state) functions.

      I have been rebuffed by just about everyone in my efforts to gain justice for the toll Organic Valley took on me and our little farm.

    • Kissindra, why would he number one get a license? Would you get a “license” to hug your husband? Would you get a license to smile or to laugh? These things and also what he is doing are God given inalienable rights in case you were never taught such or did not know.

      Secondly why would he want to pollute his mind with the lies and disinformation of the agribusiness owned and controlled nutritional Nazi’s?
      Would not learning the truth and things to help people be preferred over learning things to hurt people?

      • nedlud

        @InalienableWrights(and James too):

        Excellent comment(s). It is remarkable (and daunting) to see how many ‘Kissindra Schlepps’ there are, ready to step in and put on display their own awful ignorance as they continue to support their (and more importantly, sadly, disgustingly O-U-R) perpetual enslavement,, harassment, taxation, torture and criminal abuse by the government PTB…

        Keep up the good work on this website and elsewhere, we’re all we’ve got.


    • “Selling Medical Advice for Profit…”

      How did you determine this? It is not mentioned in the original article that he took money for advice.

      Receiving money for medical advice is a lot different than simply blogging your advice for free. I would think that the latter is covered by so-called “Good Samaritan Laws” that exist everywhere as a way to keep people from fearing lawsuits if they come to the aid of someone in an emergency.

      • Jan, it should not matter if he was paid for his advise. The freedom of men to contract for services is an Inalienable God given right that is as old as civilization.

        The Guberment is not our god and our rights to contract do not come from Guberment. Unfortunately too many fluoride heads were indoctrinated in Guberment facilities and can not think for themselves.

        What an amazing concept: That we have rights and that they do not come from a group of psychopaths that call themselves Guberment.

    • Kissindra : perhaps you’d be good enough to post the address of the office where one applies for the licence to voice my opinion? The one in Soviet Russia closed down. I’m guessing there is one still in Red China. I am sorry to see that, as a product of the Public Foos System, you’ve been so thoroughly brainwashed, you don’t even know that we used to have freedom of Speech in America. I guess you think Homeland Security is a good thing, eh? When the Nazis were stomping around the Third Reich, the good Germans were quite happy never to say a discouraging word, to disturb the public order

  2. Soon offering your opinion on raw milk without being a doctor could be a crime in the People Republic of Obama.

  3. James

    In short the medical field and the attorneys have the right to stop you from using the first amendment.. They have an exclusive right to their profession with that ugly word called (License)… Of course we all were told how it was so dam importune to have a license right? For your protection of course..

  4. I have not looked at the site but i thought a DISCLAIMER is sufficient i.e “The following is for research and educational purposes only. I am not a doctor.The information here is not intended for diagnosis or treatment of disease or injury. If you believe you are suffering from a medical condition always consult with a licensed medical professional. “.

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