Biotech 2, Vermont 0

Vermont has long been regarded as one of the most progressive States in the Union when it comes to things like alternative medicine and access to healthy food choices. If this is what’s going down in Vermont, what’s happening in the rest of the United States that we’re not hearing about?

From Brian Gaston for

The biotech industry has had to use corruption and threats to keep secret what they continue to claim is safe and “substantially equivalent” to normal food. 

(MONTPELIER, VT) – Vermonters were slammed by the biotech industry twice this month.  They were hit the first time when 90% of the population wanted GMOs in their food labeled but the governor would not sign a bill requiring this because the biotech giant Monsanto threatened to sue the state. Monsanto thus stopped “informed consent” around food, leaving people without crucial information needed to decide what goes into their and their children’s bodies, and are thus essentially tricked into eating it in not know what is what. Instead of informed consent required in medical experiments – and this is one of the largest in human history – there is enforced ignorance. The biotech industry has had to use corruption and threats to keep secret what they continue to claim is safe and “substantially equivalent” to normal food.

And Vermonters were hit a second time by the biotech industry around “informed consent” over vaccines when the drug companies got the Vermont legislature to undermine parents’ human right to philosophical exemption to vaccines for their children. While there are stories indicating that philosophical exemption was maintained in Vermont, this is not the case. Dr. Paul G. King says:

“To truly preserve the philosophical exemption in Vermont, the parents would have had to get the legislature to pass NO law modifying this exemption — and they did NOT do this.

Philosophical exemption was not preserved by altered into near meaninglessness. As the law now reads, it requires the signature of a “health” provider who may or may not give it. If the parents even know about it (a first obstacle for less educated or poor parents), and if they can obtain it (another obstacle for the poor who must understand and be able to argue for the exemption from state health care providers, not private pediatricians they know), parents are then forced to sign a document saying they know that by not vaccinating their children, others are put at risk.” Dr. King again:…”

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2 responses to “Biotech 2, Vermont 0

  1. Bill Anderson

    This is unfortunate. I had the opportunity to visit Vermont two years ago, and meet with numerous artisan cheese makers there. They have an incredible artisan cheese scene, and thriving local foods culture. It seems that even Vermont is not immune from the perverse influence of corporate power, though.

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