66% of New Zealanders want legal raw milk according to recent poll results

From Ag Wired:

“Our latest ZimmPoll asked the question, “Should raw milk be allowed for sale?” The question was prompted by one of the panelists at the 2012 Animal Agriculture Alliance Stakeholders Summit. She is a reporter with a food safety publication who says that this issue is the one that gets the most comments and response of any other.

This question generated the most comments of any ZimmPoll to date so I understand what she was saying. Actually, most comments wanted a 4th response option to allow the sale of raw milk but with sufficient regulation and testing to ensure it is safe. I saw the comments too late to make that change so I don’t know if these results would have been different. So the answer, Absolutely with no regulation received 66%; On a very limited and regulated basis received 20% and Definitely not, too many health concerns received 14%.

Surprised? I’m thinking that we not only have a lot of raw milk lovers in the ZimmComm News Network community but they are very active at getting others to vote! This poll also had one of the highest number of responses we’ve had so far. Why do you think that is?…”

Read more on Ag Wired.

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One response to “66% of New Zealanders want legal raw milk according to recent poll results

  1. What in God’s name does the percentage of people that want something have any bearing on anything? You would think that we lived in a democracy. If that is the case let’s start doing polls on how many people want slaves and when it reaches 51% we will have them.

    This mentality is a major problem of what is wrong with our societies. The idea that what the majority wants is somehow justified to impose over the minority.

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