Michael Schmidt, on the latest round of raw milk engagements in Minnesota

From raw milk farmer and food freedom advocate, Michael Schmidt:

Michael Schmidt, at the rally yesterday in Minnesota. Photo by Jennifer Lindahl

As I am reflecting on the latest Food Freedom Riders event in Minneapolis I have come to the conclusion that the North American raw milk movement has not reached the point of truly understanding what it takes to deliver the message.

Alvin Schlengel on trial for charges relating to raw milk is facing a jury which in itself will help to broaden the often displayed subjectivity of single judges on the issue of raw milk infractions.

This is a big step, as David Gumpert described it in his latest blog post.

No question we have an uphill battle because those who demand the right to consume milk are currently may be two to three percent of the population.

The bigger issue which seems to catch more interest is the increasingly  sweeping powers of bureaucratic regulators versus elected officials who clearly present themselves as the real puppets in this game of who controls whom.

At the end the raw milk issue should be just a small fish to fry for big Government. But no they keep pushing the boundaries of common sense. It seems ironic because in a way with their actions they do promote public awareness.

Do these rallies in the public work???? May be may be not.

It gives many the opportunity to show their frustration and their willingness to be public about what they believe in.

I have touched on this rather sensitive issue many times, that we have different approaches in the movement; the ones who are targeted and stand by what they are doing, and those who operate out of the public eye with the hope to not be the target.

At some point every one will have to face the music to either stand by their beliefs or their fear.

Like history has proven many times before, a bullet in the back does not fare well as an example. A bullet in the chest has always been a batch of honor serving as an example that fear can be overcome and the sweetness of courage is better than the bitter taste of saving your own life out of fear, and ignoring the principles of truth.


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One response to “Michael Schmidt, on the latest round of raw milk engagements in Minnesota

  1. Again and again we see the lesson of Rev Martin Niemöller’s Poem. People today are self absorbed, myopic, narcissists who’s major concern is what is for dinner. They are no brighter than their pets when it comes to seeing that the tyranny inflicted upon others will some day come to their door.

    In many ways Michael, this is a major deal for the powers that be. If they control the food they control the people, as any half witted despot knows.

    Perhaps they have made a miscalculation and awoke a sleeping giant. I hope you are right in this respect my friend. But then again this could be purposeful misdirection. I try not to underestimate my enemy.

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