Raw milk rally in Minnesota yesterday

Photos from Michael Schmidt, who was at the rally yesterday:

Liz Reitzig, her baby, David Gumpert and Michael Schmidt with two other Minnesota rally participants whose names remain unknown. Photo by Jennifer Lindahl

Some 200 raw milk advocates rallied in downtown Minneapolis (Minnesota) Monday in support of farmer Alvin Schlangen. The rally took place outside the Hennepin County Courthouse. The farmer was charged with food code violations in connection with distributing unpasteurized milk.

Alvin Schlangen is not himself a raw milk producer. He distributes the milk through a private food club, from cows that are leased from Amish farmers.

Although Schlangen’s trial was scheduled to start Monday, it has since been postponed, maybe til next week….”

Photo by Jennifer Lindahl



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4 responses to “Raw milk rally in Minnesota yesterday

  1. thebovine

    More on the story from the Star Tribune: http://www.startribune.com/local/151467695.html

  2. It is obvious that state food inspection departments are working for big agri to insure that no one competes with them by imposing onerous restrictions that have little to do with safety on the little guy.

    The state allows people called dentists to put one of the most toxic materials know to man (mercury) in our mouths. Allow doctors to inject the same into our children. (thimerisol) They put rat poison in our drinking water. (fluoride) Food containers leech the estrogen mimicker BPA into our food. And all of this is just the tip of the iceberg.

    Yet with a straight face they claim that the food inspection nazi’s are concerned with our safety. And most of the mind numbed Sheeple fall for it. They fall for anything that their owners tell them.

    The only sane solution, the only solution a free society can embrace, is to let those that want to buy guberment inspected food do so, and let those that want another voluntary inspection, or none, make that choice for themselves.

    That will not happen though – as this is about controlling us, slow killing us with toxic food, and bringing in a one world government. Those capable of feeding themselves will offer more resistance than those that can’t.

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