Proposed B.C. law to forbid disclosure of farm based disease outbreaks

From Doug Powell, via Jim Romahn, on Agri 007:

“When someone asks, What’s wrong with Kansas, I reply with, What’s wrong with Canada?
My journalism friends have long complained that the flow of information about public health – public anything – is a tinkle in Canada compared to other places.

According to a report in The ProvinceBritish Columbia.’s Liberal government is poised to further choke off the flow of public information, this time with respect to disease outbreaks.

The Animal Health Act, expected to be passed into law by month’s end, expressly over-rides B.C.’s Freedom of Information Act, duct-taping shut the mouths of any citizens – or journalists – who would publicly identify the location of an outbreak of agriculture-related disease such as bird flu.

“A person must refuse, despite the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, to disclose . . . information that would reveal that a notifiable or reportable disease is or may be present in a specific place or on or in a specific vehicle,” Section 16 of the Act reads….”

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2 responses to “Proposed B.C. law to forbid disclosure of farm based disease outbreaks

  1. I was champing at the bit, ready for to have some fun at my trial on June 7th. But when the proposed Animal Health Act was put in front of me, I realized that the harassment our private little dairy’s endured for 4 years, was just a dry-run. What’s going on, is, the monster corporations are getting their puppets = Liberal MLAs = to enact color-of-law for stealing our livestock, in order to drive smallholders out of the food business, and so perfect their monopoly over industrialized agriculture.

    Bill 37, now proceeding through the BC Legislature, is a template for fascism. So, rather than taking a break from politics this summer, I’ll be on the campaign trail, warning people in town and country what a profound threat to our freedoms it is. With Bill 37 they un-apologetically reveal themselves as far-and-away the most dangerous gang in the province.

    The Bill shows that the Liberal administration has lost its collective mind … now in free-fall, headed to the bottom of public contempt. The good news is that this astonishingly-stupid Act signals how far-removed they are from Canadians’ values. The electorate is patient, but their outrage will not sleep forever

    A preliminary glance at this “law framed in mischief” ought to curl your hair … section 57 allows for some petty bureaucrat to go before a Justice SECRETLY to get an Order, then slap it on you, tying you up in Court while your animals are hauled away to be destroyed. Any resistance will get you another charge of ‘contempt of Court’ = the tyrants’ favourite.

    Section 67 is the sound of the other shoe dropping ; … the set-up for black-uniformed thugs from so-called Homeland Security to point a machine-gun at us, while telling us what to do. Just a mere co-incidence laws have been changed so US officers are now allowed to cross the 49th parallel and carry on policing ? I think not. And if you think that’s ‘wide-eyed extremism’, talk to people who lived through the Third Reich. They thought the same thing while the dark night descended upon Germany = “oh, our society operates reasonably … that can’t happen here”

    At first, I laughed at how unspeakably un-constitutional the thing is. But then I remember = these people are wicked, but they’re not stupid. I perceive the stage being set for very hot confrontation, in which the govt. contrives excuse to send-in the meat-heads … of course, I mean, the Mounties. Some farmer at the very end of his forebearance with idiot bureaucrats will decide he has nothing more to lose, and shove back. Right on cue, the SWAT team surrounds his place. If it bleeds, it leads, on the evening news. We’ll be treated to a made-for-media psycho-drama like the Gustafsen Lake spectacle. Suitably cowed, the sheeple go along with anything, just to allieviate their distress. It worked for Adolph Hitler, and George Bush II

    As charming and photogenic as she is, after a year as Premier, Christy Clark has done nothing better than prove the Peter Principle = people rise to the level of their incompetence. No telling what damage they will do if we let them stay in power ‘til the next scheduled election. Classic problems have classic solutions. She [snip] must be sent packing immediate-ment while it can still be done peacefully.


    Gordon S Watson
    Justice Critic, Party of Citizens

    May 24 2012

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