June 4th webinar debate on raw milk

From SustainOntario.com, a promising debate about raw milk from a panel featuring raw milk advocates AND public health experts:

“Join us on-line for a free webinar.  Register online before June 4th at 11am.

June 4th, 12-2pm

As the debate around the safety hazards and potential health benefits of unpasteurized milk grows, so too does the need to understand the reasons for and against pasteurization.   Sustain Ontario has brought together a panel of experts to clarify some of the myths and facts about unpasteurized milk and begin an open dialogue between advocates on both sides.  We hope to cover the history and reasons for pasteurization in Ontario, the public health risks of unpasteurized milk, the health claims of unpasteurized milk and the impacts on dairy producers.   There will be a half hour for questions and answers.

Panelists include:

Dr. Mansel Griffiths, Research Chair in Dairy Microbiology in Food Sciences at the University of Guelph;

Sally Fallon-Morell, founder of the Weston Price Foundation;

Dr. Rosana Pellizaari, Medical Office of Health for Peterborough County;

John Van Dyk, Ontario dairy farmer; and

Sara Zborovski, Partner at Gilbert’s LLP and Sustain Ontario volunteer.

The panel will be moderated by Professor Alison Blay-Palmer.

Read more for panelist bios….”

More on Sustain Ontario.com


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9 responses to “June 4th webinar debate on raw milk

  1. Dr. Ted Beals has just agreed to join this webinar so please sign up! This will be an awesome event with highly knowledgeable people on both sides of this issue! Very grateful to all 6 participants for agreeing to do this!

  2. BC Food Security

    Excellent , Outstanding , Super !
    After 20 years of being stonewalled in Canada, this is truly an exciting development. Kudos to “Sustain Ontario” and “The Canadian Consumer Raw Milk Advocacy Group” for making this event happen.

  3. Margo, I think it is wonderful that you have organized this, and I have registered for it, but I do have an overlapping appointment during that time, so please let us know whether there will be online replays available. Thanks, Karen.

  4. Carol

    Unless I have missed something Karen I do not think Margo and “The Canadian Consumer Raw Milk Advocacy Group” organized this event. It was Sustain Ontario. They have a website that you could find more information regarding their work and who is involved.

  5. It should be Dr. Rosana Pellizzari. This was an error in an earlier version.

  6. I have been working with Sustain as a volunteer for a couple of years now and suggested to them that this might be something that could be done after seeing the Harvard debate. They have done the organizing of it and the recruiting of the other side. I recruited the raw milk side of this as part of my volunteer work with them and because I am more familiar with who should be on our side. Sustain is a neutral party in this issue and I am very grateful to them for making this possible.

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  8. Raoul

    Dear Carolyn and Ravenna and Margo;
    I would like to thank Sustain Ontario for the amazing, enjoyable and informative presentation and all your Herculean efforts to make this webinar possible. Thank you to all the great speakers for taking time out of their day to share their research and opinions. I hope there will be many more presentations like this in future. This was a real breakthrough in Canada in, at least, finally seeing the 2 sides have a respectable and dignified conversation with each other. Thank you Carolyn for managing so expertly the many technical considerations while simultaneously MC’g the whole webinar to completion.
    I am curious to know how many live viewers there were ?

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