Seattle creating massive edible forest filled with free food

Now here’s some good news, for a change. From Jill Ettinger, at Organic

“Taking the urban garden to the next level, Seattle, Washington has officially broken ground on a dedicated seven acre area of city land set to be converted into an “edible forest” that will produce free food for the city’s residents and visitors, human or otherwise.

According to the Beacon Food Forest’s website, the project’s mission is “to design, plant and grow an edible urban forest garden that inspires our community to gather together, grow our own food and rehabilitate our local ecosystem.” The perennial permaculture forest project, believed to be the first of its kind in the U.S., will eventually be self-sustaining, much like the way a forest in nature works. Creating the self-sustaining environment is reliant upon the types of soil, insect life and companion plants placed strategically within the environment.

Seattle’s Beacon Food Forest, located in the Beacon Hill neighborhood, will provide an array of edible fruit-bearing plants including applepearpersimmon, chestnut and walnut trees; and edible berries such as blueberry, lingonberry and raspberry.…”

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9 responses to “Seattle creating massive edible forest filled with free food

  1. “….that will produce free food”

    As usual reporters never get anything correct. This food is anything but free. While the end may be admirable, the means, of stealing from people does not justify the end. This socialist writer does not know, or has never been taught that men did not institute government to steal off of others in order to produce a food forest. In case you are wondering government was instituted to protect men’s rights – not to violate them as in this case.

    If this had been done in the free market with no correction and of free will I would have been the first to applaud the effort.

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  3. Bill Anderson

    I don’t understand your issue, inalienablewrights? Is it wrong for a municipal government to do something like this for the local community?

    Prior to the rise of civilization and agriculture, all food that humans ate came “free” from nature. Most gather-hunter societies enjoyed ample leisure time and had no need for modern institutions like banks, corporations, and private property. It wasn’t until the rise of sedentary grain agriculture that the earth was subdivided, labor was exploited, and the first empires arose.

    If this public food forest is socialism, then I’m all for socialism.

    • nedlud

      If everybody just gave a little bit more and took a little bit less, which would be a natural form of government, things (whatever ‘things’ are) would start improving….

      (Or at least they could have, in the era before Fukushima et al {Fukushima [hi-tech -uhhh- energy] and gmos [hi-tech -uhh- biology] are virtual locks now to ensure that things never improve for so-called ‘mankind’, at least not for thousands of years}…..)

      But government (as technologized man ‘understands’ it, ie., becomes its victim by pledging allegiance to it–what else can you do? If you don’t participate and pledge your allegiance properly, you get sent straight to a prison!) has become entirely unnatural and is completely centralized, and is fully managed and utilzed by megalomainac psychopaths. They never tire in devising ways to appear to be giving more (lie, lie, lie) and progressing (lie, lie, lie), while actually taking and taking and taking, and, regressing. Even the locals, local governments, operate according to the magalomaniacal way, in almost every instance. Which again is proved by Fukushima and gmos. Everything is all very diseased.

      Have a nice day everybody. Stay well.

      (Nice article.)

  4. Yes stealing is wrong Bill Anderson. Government produces nothing and every resource that it obtains is obtained by forcible theft.
    And every time I have to point this out to grown adults I am shocked.

    I believe you when you say that you support theft Bill. Most people do. Look at our society – we have implemented all 10 planks of the Communist Manifesto.

    Government schools and getting God out of them has accomplished it’s intended task.

    We have a population that does not have a clue as to intended purpose of government, and can’t differentiate between stealing and free will.
    Consider this thought experiment BIll…..
    Would it be OK if me and my gang voted, by a majority of course, to Rob you of say $400 (your fair share) to do some good deed? Of course because it is for a good deed we MUST overlook the fact that we stole in order to accomplish it. And because the theft was done by a group rather than an individual theft magically becomes a virtue rather than a crime. Is this not exactly what you are supporting? Is your thinking cap on?

    • nedlud


      Life is a balancing act, a kind of equilibrium.

      It is natural for things to get out of balance, but it is even more natural for that imbalance, since it means health and life, to be corrected, to be shifted back to balance..

      When government acts as a balancer, correcting wrongs and injustices, we have a good natural government, whatever else you call it. When vast institutions and bureaucracies are formed out of specialists and experts and monied interests and only serve to INCREASE the imbalance (uneven distribution of wealth) and injustice (criminality) that exists, we have a HUGE problem.

      We have ourselves today, a HUGE problem.

      Whatever you call it. And yes, I would call it theft too. Murder and rape also come to mind.


  5. Yes we do have a HUGE problem.
    Can’t agree with the balancing act or a compromise analogy Nelud.
    That is how we got into this mess. Either we stand firmly on principle or we stand for nothing.

    If we ever do get it straightened out I think we need to rethink government from the ground up. There never has IMHO been a system of government that gave the individual enough power to control an errant government. They conversely give government way way too much power and leeway.
    It almost has to end up this way considering how much power we entrust to an institution that history has taught us will be filled by psychopaths.
    “But whether the Constitution really be one thing, or another, this much is certain – that it has either authorized such a government as we have had, or has been powerless to prevent it. In either case, it is unfit to exist.”
    ~ Lysander Spooner
    Amen Lysander – I will second that thought, and you do not know how dead right your were. The Constitution itself is the crux of the problem.

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