Sen. Rand Paul’s FDA motion fails to gain enough support — now what?

From David E. Gumpert on the Complete Patient blog:

“Lots of people were discouraged because Sen. Rand Paul’s proposed amendment to reign in the U.S. Food and Drug Administration was overwhelmingly defeated last week. It would have prohibited FDA agents from carrying weapons and making arrests as well as liberalized the rule on advertising of various foods’ health benefits.  (The amendment’s text and the vote of individual senators is shown here.)

I have a different take. I find it encouraging, first, that a senator even made this sort of proposal and, second, that 15  per cent of the senators supported it.

You have to remember the context in which Sen. Paul made his proposal. The FDA has long been a sacred cow in the Congress, much like the Federal Reserve Bank has long been a sacred cow. Both these agencies-organizations have for many years obtained whatever they want from Congress, with little in the way of pushback. Over the last year, we’ve been seeing some pushback involving the Fed. And now we are seeing pushback against the FDA. (I know, there are some who will argue that the FDA’s budget has remained level in recent years, but on the important matters–those of power and authority–the FDA has been doing pretty much what it wants.)

It’s not just that there’s pushback, but there’s the cause of the pushback. Senators have now been alerted that at least some of their constituents are upset that the FDA has created its own police force that bullies small farmers and producers of nutritional supplements….”

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2 responses to “Sen. Rand Paul’s FDA motion fails to gain enough support — now what?

  1. I am with you on this 100%. And because I live in KY, I have a sense of security that our local FDA office is put on notice that at least one KY Senator (and another one is coming, Thomas Massie) will not put up with armed raids on KY’s farmers and consumers. As the founder of (sister to the national org), I am LOVING it!!!

  2. Rands proposal would is analogous to a senator rather that wanting to outlaw slavery proposing that the slave owners should reduce the work week for the slaves to 40 hours.

    He is still supports evil and unconstitutionality. He does not seem to be as principled as his father.

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