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Hoosier state residents to get input on raw milk regulation change in Indiana

From Indiana Green Living.com

“An Indiana health agency is asking residents to comment on the banned sale of raw milk and dairy products made from unprocessed milk.

Raw milk has not gone through any process of pasteurization, homogenization or irradiation. It has not been altered with additives or chemicals in any way, and can still be tested for bacterial diseases. It comes directly from the animal and is said by many to contain larger amounts of nutrients than pasteurized milk. Many believe that drinking raw milk helps with digestion and other health problems. Continue reading

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Astroturf “groups” to campaign against GMO labeling initiative in California

“May 31, 2012  |  What do a former mouthpiece for tobacco and big oil, a corporate-interest PR flack, and the regional director of a Monsanto-funded tort reform group have in common?

They’re all part of the anti-labeling PR team that will soon unleash a massive advertising and PR campaign in California, designed to scare voters into rejecting the California Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act.

In November, California voters will vote ‘yes’ or ‘no’ on a law to require mandatory labeling of all GMO ingredients in processed foods, and ban the routine industry practice of mislabeling foods containing GMO ingredients as ‘natural.’ Continue reading


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“Dewey, Cheatem and Howe” invited by G8 to take the lead in world agriculture

From Grist.org:

“When President Obama announced a new program during the recent G8 summit to help bolster food and agriculture in developing nations through corporate “pledges,” I was most struck by his choice of partners in the effort. A Reuters report on the announcement read:

The initiative includes a new partnership with agribusiness giants such as DuPont, Monsanto and Cargill, along with smaller companies, including almost 20 from Africa, which will commit some $3 billion for projects to help farmers in the developing world build local markets and improve productivity.

Those three companies are the good food movement’s equivalent of the law firm Dewey, Cheatem & Howe — not the folks it wants to see put in charge of anything, much less “feeding the world.” These companies believe that exporting western-style industrial agriculture to the developing world (Africa in particular) is key to ensuring enough food for a growing population. And they maintain this position despite the growing evidence that industrial agriculture can’t solve the problem. Continue reading

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Michael Schmidt’s further reflections on the merits of raw milk debates; June 4 Sustain Ontario raw milk debate

From raw milk farmer and advocate Michael Schmidt:

Michael Schmidt at the recent Minnesota rally. Photo Jennifer Lindahl

Before we get too far into this we should remind everybody that there is an upcoming raw milk debate via webinar, at “Sustain Ontario” on June 4th. Here’s the link to sign up for live participation:  http://sustainontario.com/2012/05/22/10428/blog/news/the-udder-truth-an-opening-dialogue-on-the-risks-and-opportunities-of-unpasteurized-milk

Reflections on my last Reflection

Predictions, interpretations and accusations are always an entertaining mix.

I read with interest the reactions and have to admit, may be people read something different than I had intended to write.

I like the famous saying, ” do not judge people what they say but what they do”. Continue reading


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