Astroturf “groups” to campaign against GMO labeling initiative in California

“May 31, 2012  |  What do a former mouthpiece for tobacco and big oil, a corporate-interest PR flack, and the regional director of a Monsanto-funded tort reform group have in common?

They’re all part of the anti-labeling PR team that will soon unleash a massive advertising and PR campaign in California, designed to scare voters into rejecting the California Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act.

In November, California voters will vote ‘yes’ or ‘no’ on a law to require mandatory labeling of all GMO ingredients in processed foods, and ban the routine industry practice of mislabeling foods containing GMO ingredients as ‘natural.’

Polls show that nearly 90% of the state’s voters plan to vote ‘yes.’  But when November rolls around, will voter support still be strong? Not if the biotech, agribusiness, and food manufacturers industries can help it.

It’s estimated that the opposition will spend $60 million – $100 million to convince voters that GMOs are perfectly safe. They’ll try to scare voters into believing that labeling will make food more expensive, that it will spark hundreds of lawsuits against small farmers and small businesses, and that it will contribute to world hunger.  None of this is true. On the contrary, studies suggest just the opposite.

Here’s what is true: The opposition has lined up some heavy-hitters and industry-funded front groups — masquerading as “grassroots” organizations — to help spin their anti-labeling propaganda machine….”




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5 responses to “Astroturf “groups” to campaign against GMO labeling initiative in California

  1. Here we go again…. The majority trying to force it’s will on everyone. In this case for what I see as a good cause – but still a dangerous precedent. It is turning what this county is all about on it’s head.

    How about just using freedom? How about the freedom of manufacturers to be free of USDA tyranny, and be free to put GMO information on food products if they so desire? How about the freedom of consumers to choose whether to buy food with this label or buy food without this label?

    This sure solved the dilemma in Europe.

    What a unique concept – that the world will continue to spin on it’s axis and that problems can be resolved without mommy government getting involved.

    • Here is another free market solution that popped into my mind that could be implemented this month with NO action required by mommy government:

      If an organization with minimal resources wanted to, they could create a smart phone app that would read the bar code of any item in a grocery store, and report back if it contained GMO. This could be ascertained by either testing, or having the manufacture sign a notarized statement with severe penalties for fibbing or many other ways. Not only could GMO info be included, but also trans-fats, aspartame, HFCS, or MSG in any hidden form whatsoever. This is software so you could customize the info you receive.

      Again what a novel concept: Solving problems without government. The sheeple are so deep into the mommy government paradigm that they can not even think outside of this box. To them there is no solution but government. Open your minds people there are more non-government solutions than the tyrannical solutions. And guess what? Your rights remain intact when you use the free market.

  2. Here is another free market solution reported on by Mike Adams: ‘Label It Yourself’ campaign urges the People to begin labeling GMOs now
    This method does require violating the property rights of a store owner (if you do not ask permission) but sometimes I think extraordinary measures can be justified.

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