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Margo McIntosh on today’s “Sustain Ontario” debate about raw milk

Today Sustain Ontario hosted a debate, which was more like a conversation about raw milk, and the political climate surrounding in it.  The debate over raw milk has been going on for over 20 years in Canada.  We tend to hear more about the USA on our news casts and have all been following the debates and raids in the USA with great interest.  It is time that Canadians get involved in our own food rights actions and educate ourselves.  This webinar was a great way to learn about the issues surrounding raw milk from both sides of the belief system.  All the participants were knowledgeable, courteous and articulate.  It was a very good discussion of all the aspects surrounding the debate about raw milk.  The webinar will be archived on the Sustain Ontario site shortly for those of you who were not able to see it.

There have been comments that this was not purely a Canadian debate because Sally Fallon and Dr. Ted Beals are both Americans.  If we had two such strong personalities who would speak on behalf of raw milk in Canada we would have asked them.  There simply isn’t anyone else as knowledgeable about the benefits of raw milk as Sally Fallon and Dr. Beals has spent years studying and researching this food.  We were very fortunate to have these two professionals agree to speak to us here in Canada. Continue reading


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Fraser Health threatening to occupy the Chilliwack raw milk farm and dispose of the cows — Michael Schmidt

From Farmer Michael Schmidt:

Alice Jongerden with Michael Schmidt at a demonstration outside Fraser Health offices, around the time of the change of leadership at the Chilliwack farm. Thanks to Michael Schmidt for photo.

Debating until the cows are gone

It appears that people think we have a raw milk movement and the big question seems to be who is allowed to be a leader or not.

In case somebody thought I was frustrated or burnt out as mentioned on this blog, I am in good shape. I have no anxiety or competitive feelings in regards to the “visionary engagement” people develop. I think it is great.

In the meantime as this internet debate passionately rages on, Fraser Health is trying to flex it’s muscles to squash the Chilliwack cow share operation which was called Home-on-Range under the management of Alice Jongerden. Continue reading


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What do raw milk, junk food and tobacco all have in common?

From David E. Gumpert on the Complete Patient blog:


“I was at a food safety conference a few years back that focused on raw milk, and one state public health official concluded his remarks by saying, to effect, “I personally don’t see why we spend all this time going after raw milk. If people are going to be stupid enough to drink it, then let them go ahead and kill themselves.”

Then, at a raw milk symposium a couple years after that, I heard a raw milk proponent give the other side of the same mind-set. “You know, things will change over the next few years, because the people who oppose us will die off from all the junk food they eat,” she said, referring to the public health regulators. Continue reading


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