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NY judge vs FDA on sub-clinical antibiotics added to animal feed

From Jim Romahn, on Agri007:

New York judge Theodor Katz is forcing the United States Food and Drug Administration to take another look at petitions from those who want a ban on antibiotics in livestock and poultry farming.

The judge is tangling with a powerful Washington bureaucracy, not to mention the makers and marketers of antibiotics and livestock and poultry farmers.

But Katz may just win in a controversy that’s at least 45 years old, dating back to before the Swann report in the United Kingdom said it’s foolish to keep adding antibiotics to livestock and poultry feeds because it gives free range for antibiotic-resistant bacteria to multiply and then become a threat to human health. Continue reading


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Sustain Ontario raw milk debate online

Click image below to go to a page where you can listen to the debate:

Click image above to go to page to hear debate

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The best milk you’ve never had

From the Barre Monpelier Times Argus.com

Photo via Barre Montpelier Times Argus.

“On a sunny May Saturday — one which promised to be a good day at the market — I found myself instead walking down a forested path in Shrewsbury. I wanted to take a pointed look at what was not at the market or, more precisely, what was banned from the market. My quest took me to Tangled Roots Farm, and the path led me to an open pasture where goats happily grazed. Continue reading


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