NY judge vs FDA on sub-clinical antibiotics added to animal feed

From Jim Romahn, on Agri007:

New York judge Theodor Katz is forcing the United States Food and Drug Administration to take another look at petitions from those who want a ban on antibiotics in livestock and poultry farming.

The judge is tangling with a powerful Washington bureaucracy, not to mention the makers and marketers of antibiotics and livestock and poultry farmers.

But Katz may just win in a controversy that’s at least 45 years old, dating back to before the Swann report in the United Kingdom said it’s foolish to keep adding antibiotics to livestock and poultry feeds because it gives free range for antibiotic-resistant bacteria to multiply and then become a threat to human health.

Katz rejected an FDA appeal of the order Katz issued in March. He refused then to allow the FDA to be excused from considering petitions filed by several organizations. The FDA argued it didn’t need to listen to the objections because it has put voluntary guidlines in place urging judicious use of antibiotics in food animal production.
Two months ago another court compelled the FDA to withdraw approval for most non-therapeutic uses of penicillin and tetracyclines in animal feed, unless the industry can prove in public hearings that those drug uses are safe….”


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2 responses to “NY judge vs FDA on sub-clinical antibiotics added to animal feed

  1. Why is the free market never mentioned? In all probability the tyrannical and unconstitutional FDA has forbidden food manufacturers from advertising food as anti-biotic free just like they have done with GMO and the term non-hydrogenated. You would be surprised how freedom would solve what should be a non issue. But instead of freedom we are on our knees begging our masters to change the way they treat the slaves.

  2. Calves41

    I heard a segments on NPR today about chicken litter as cattle feed. yuck! Sure makes me think hard a ot becoming a vegetarian.

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