Missouri farmer plans to publicly distribute raw milk in protest against consumer drop site crackdown

From David E. Gumpert on the Complete Patient blog:

Missouri farmer Eric Vimont, with his two children. Via The Complete Patient blog

“The latest tactic in impeding raw milk distribution–harassing farmers using drop sites–seems to be spreading from Minnesota to Missouri.

And like in Minnesota, where many of the ten consumer drop site hosts warned by regulators recently are continuing the defy the warnings, resistance is developing as well.  

The Missouri events have developed rapidly. Last Thursday, a public health official from Missouri’s Christian County appeared at a residence where farmer Eric Vimont was dropping off milk, and waved a cease-and-desist order in front of him. Vimont, whose farm is actually in a neighboring county, refused to accept the cease-and-desist. So today, via certified mail, he received an “Order to Abate for Food Establishments.” “No food operations shall occur until the food establishment is brought into compliance,” it stated in part.

Vimont, who has for the last six years been making raw milk available privately to customers who order in advance, says he not only has no plans to abide by the order, but he is going to publicly drop off raw milk to a group of customers tomorrow (Thursday) evening…in front of the Christian County  Public Health Department in Ozark (301 E. Brick St., which is 1 block north and east of the County Courthouse).

Vimont expects about 30 customers who normally pick up near that location to be present to get their milk, plus, “We expect a lot of people who are not customers.” He emphasized, though, that the milk is only for customers who pre-ordered. “There is no milk for open distribution.”

He says this is in line with Missouri law, which allows for the sale of raw milk from the farm, with delivery to individual consumers. The new rub seems to come over whether the delivery is allowed to drop points or consumers’ individual residences. The county health department has been referring to a 2007 opinion from the Missouri attorney general arguing that farmers are prohibited from selling “to the general public  from a distribution center” established by the dairy farmer.  …”

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5 responses to “Missouri farmer plans to publicly distribute raw milk in protest against consumer drop site crackdown

  1. Way to go Eric. If I knew the time – I would be there to shake your hand. You are a stones throw from me in Webster county.

  2. Beverley Viljakainen

    Yes! This is probably what more and more farmers and consumers are going to have to do. Thank you, Eric, and may those who support you and are physically able find the courage, if such is needed, to stand with you!

  3. Holly Nolting

    More power to you!

  4. aed939

    “From a farm” does not mean “at the farm.”

    • And aed939 this approach to the problem is why we are in this pickle. I often think that if this were about say gassing Jews in the gas chamber – that many of the State worshiping statist here would be arguing the letter of the law, trying to decide whether or not you could gas a Jew on the Sabbath or some other point in the law. (For the record German law was clear – killing Jews was legal.)

      Don’t you think we ought to rather be looking at whether or not the law is lawful? Whether it violates the very premises that governments were founded upon?

      It is my contention that the only legitimate purpose of government is to protect the rights of the sovereigns – i.e. The citizens. The citizens created governments for this purpose did they not?

      Then why are we arguing about whether the law means say you can hang a Jew but not gas one, rather than the point that murdering people is immoral?

      Is that not where this raw milk discussion has to go? Or should we continue the inane arguing of what the law means? Should we have this or that testing? Yadda yadda while we ignore morality and the elephant in the living room?

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