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CFIA starting to kill the formerly missing sheep says National Post

From Adrian Humphreys in the National Post:

Canadian Food Inspection Agency officials corral sheep marked for slaughter at Jones’ farm. Photo via National Post, where it’s credited to [Montana Jones’ website] Shropshiresheep.org

“The strange yarn of the fugitive flock – heritage sheep said to be related to the first sheep that came from England to Canada – is coming to a messy end after food inspection officials finally found at least some of the quarantined sheep stolen in a high-profile bid to save them from the slaughterhouse.

Canada Food Inspection Agency officials found 28 sheep and has started to kill them, said their owner, Montana Jones.

The sheep were apparently found on a farm near Chesley, Ont., not far from the Lake Huron shore but a five hour drive from her farm in eastern Ontario where they went missing. Continue reading


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CFIA finds 31 missing sheep

From Jim Romahn, on Agri007:

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency says it has found 31 missing sheep it had under quarantine because of scrapies.

It says only that they were found on a farm, but not whose or where because the CFIA says police are involved.

The CFIA intended to destroy the flock in Eastern Ontario, but on the eve of destruction, the sheep went missing.


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