CFIA finds 31 missing sheep

From Jim Romahn, on Agri007:

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency says it has found 31 missing sheep it had under quarantine because of scrapies.

It says only that they were found on a farm, but not whose or where because the CFIA says police are involved.

The CFIA intended to destroy the flock in Eastern Ontario, but on the eve of destruction, the sheep went missing.



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5 responses to “CFIA finds 31 missing sheep

  1. Its a sad day for the people… 😦

  2. Lose lips somewhere…. Never forget ALL of your communications are illegally monitored by the criminal government. Not to mention your locations being recorded (via cell phones) and analyzed by the same said criminal government.

  3. charles jasunas

    the CFIA has too much power to do anything.They are a bunch of bozos who work for weekly pay and that’s it.I don’t care what they say,It’s a bunch of shi?

  4. thebovine

    Love that phrase “the eve of destruction” (song starts at 0:35)

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