CFIA starting to kill the formerly missing sheep says National Post

From Adrian Humphreys in the National Post:

Canadian Food Inspection Agency officials corral sheep marked for slaughter at Jones’ farm. Photo via National Post, where it’s credited to [Montana Jones’ website]

“The strange yarn of the fugitive flock – heritage sheep said to be related to the first sheep that came from England to Canada – is coming to a messy end after food inspection officials finally found at least some of the quarantined sheep stolen in a high-profile bid to save them from the slaughterhouse.

Canada Food Inspection Agency officials found 28 sheep and has started to kill them, said their owner, Montana Jones.

The sheep were apparently found on a farm near Chesley, Ont., not far from the Lake Huron shore but a five hour drive from her farm in eastern Ontario where they went missing.

Ontario Provincial Police and CFIA both independently confirmed that some of the missing sheep, which were subject to a government quarantine order in a scrapie scare, were found but refused to provide any details or confirm a cull has begun.

‘I can’t get rid of the image in my head of being a good shepherd — and failing’

On April 2, the morning the flock was scheduled to be killed by CFIA after a ewe sold from Ms. Montana’s farm tested positive for scrapie, she found the sheep missing and a hand-written note saying the flock had been taken into “protective custody” by activists calling themselves the “Farmers Peace Corp.”

Ms. Jones said she had no idea where they were or who took them but felt they were better off missing than dead while she continued to fight the government’s kill order in court.

But when she learned of the recovery late Thursday her distress returned.

“I’m devastated,” Ms. Jones said as she tried to get to the farm on Friday with a “compassion posse” to help her in her plight.

“I didn’t imagine in all of this that I might never see them again. Been crying more than I thought possible. I feel quite powerless and now just want to be able to sit with them awhile, apologize for failing to look after them and protect them from harm, and say good bye to them….’

Read more in the National Post.


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7 responses to “CFIA starting to kill the formerly missing sheep says National Post

  1. Is the Canadian government using drone to spy on their “subjects” or where other means used such as illegal wiretaps used to find the sheep?

    • Since you asked about wiretaps :
      A curious thing happened when Michael Schmidt passed through New Westminster BC on Tuesday night. He and I had just come of out of the restaurant, waiting for the rest of our party. Right away, a man was there in front of us on the sidewalk, in the uniform of the New West. Police. He started chatting with us, quite friendly … a tiny detail is, although he was in uniform but he did not have his hat on.

      Of course we see policemen every day without their hats, but that immediately struck me as odd, because my dad was a cop, and he taught me that the uniform is the primary signal of the presence of authority, of which the hat with its insignia is very important. The officer pretended that he was ‘just patrolling’. I’ve lived around there for about 55 years, yet I don’t recall the last time I ever saw a New West cop on foot patrol

      Un-prompted by me, Michael asked him casually if it’s true that a police officer without his hat is acting legally. The officer sluffed-off the question.

      He asked us about the restaurant… volunteering that it was Malaysian. He says, “a couple of the guys I work with are Malaysian. I was thinking of bringing them here” Crossed my mind : “ that I doubt” Going back for the last 150 years, the power Elite of New Westminster is a white enclave, with police force to match. Not a lot of “diversity”, if you know what I mean

      He chatted us up for a few minutes, til our friends came out. Then a cop car went by with a young woman officer at the wheel … slowing down and asking him “if everything is OK?” … big smile on her face.

      This doesn’t sound like much, but the farther away I get from it, the more suspicious it was ….. especially, when set alongside what happened the first time Michael Schmidt was here, Feb 1 2010, for the hearing of Fraser Health’s Petition against our cowshare. That day after Court, he was supposed to ride in my car across town, but switched at the last minute. In the driving rain, pitch black night, rush hour traffic with glaring bright lights, a Vancouver City cop car pulled me over. The officer – overly-friendly under the circumstances – volunteered “the reason I pulled you over is you didn’t signal a lane change” = nonsense. In fact, I’d gone by on the right side, through an intersection, to get by a car waiting to turn left.

      My point here is ; having actually been spied-upon for my political activity, in other controversies, there is no doubt in my mind but that Michael Schmidt is indeed under surveillance. He’s an up-and-coming politician involved in an issue being taken very seriously by the Powers-that-Be. No need to freak out … this is to be expected. We are doing exactly what Madame Justice Gropper recommended we do – politicking peacefully.

      Govern yourselves accordingly

      Gordon S Watson | June 14 2012

      • thebovine

        You know that people are taking notice, when you start getting that kind of attention from the police.

  2. miro malish

    I noticed an error in the reporting of this story that I hope soebody knows how to address. They have not found 31 sheep on my property but 28 mature, and 12 lambs if anyone knows how to bring this to the attention of the media that would be great

    • Could you please clarify…you state above that 28 mature sheep and 12 lambs were on your property. Then CFIA euthanized 5 to your surprise, when you thought they were just taking blood samples as they’d indicated, which leaves 23 mature sheep and 12 lambs.

      Yet CFIA listed 21 mature sheep and 11 lambs remaining on your farm, and that same number were apparently trucked away and killed (I would have expected to learn that firsthand, they were, after all, my sheep).

      Could you confirm the correct numbers please so I know how many are still missing or died beforehand? Doesn’t that mean there are 5 mature sheep missing or unaccounted for? and 1 lamb?

      Also wish to know facts on:
      Did the ones that were still pregnant when I was there Saturday have lambs before CFIA killed them, and not list them?
      Did they kill them there again in your barn and then remove the bodies?
      Or load them all live so that the stressful 7-hour drive to Ottawa meant the moms and babies were separated, and the heavy rams were stepping and injuring the scared and crying newborns underfoot?
      Did they make the mothers watch CFIA kill their newborns or kill the mothers first?

      I hope you can assist with some closure for me. Thank-you…

  3. miro malish

    oops, i read the title tht 31 sheep were found and wondered that only 28 here so where are the remaining sheep. and why are they not looking for them?

  4. miro malish

    people need to be asking what about the other 3 sheep? where are they? and what is being done to locate them?

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