Texas Republicans favour raw milk

From Chron.com:

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“….The platform also opposes affirmative action and supports:
–Voter ID
–English as the official language
–Defining marriage as “a God ordained, legal and moral commitment only between a natural man and a natural woman.”
–Abolishing property taxes and shifting to a consumption-based tax while reducing the overall tax burden
–Access to raw milk
–Repealing the minimum wage law

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One response to “Texas Republicans favour raw milk

  1. The platform sounds nice, if there were a chance in a million that they were sincere. I think it appropriate to judge the republican party of Texas by it’s most prominent member – the demonstrably globalist Rick Perry. Who is personally responsible for the tragic deaths of teenage girls with his Gardasil, lies. Most importantly, he is not in jail for it, or even charged.

    The fact of the matter is that both political parties have platforms based on theft. Even the “new” republican platform will still steal to educate children rather than making it a responsibility of the parents. They just propose stealing in a more acceptable manner.

    Both parties have existed by promising to steal from some voters to then give it to the people that vote for them. This is the basis for the economic and moral decay that this country is in. While this platform sounds good, the past record of both parties make me certain that it is only a ruse as the ONLY concern of politicians is to get re-elected. Vote for a third party, or no party candidate rather than voting for evil.

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