Ron Paul talks raw milk at Texas GOP

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“But then, Ron Paul made a statement that aroused even more applause.   “You might even be able to drink raw milk.”

It was deafening in that arena.  For a moment I thought the roof might collapse as the people screamed themselves hoarse.  So I ask again.  Is it that Texans just like raw milk?  Well… maybe not so much.

When I was a small boy, my grandmother milked her cow every morning and I remember watching as she strained her bucket through cheese cloth into a big jar.  I asked her for a taste which she initially denied, but once I had pestered her sufficiently, she relented.  I took a big drink and immediately wanted to spit it out.  It was still warm, and icky, and tasted of fat.

I remember her sweet laugh as she asked me, “Ricky don’t you like cow’s milk.”

“No ma’am,” I answered.  “I reckon I like store milk better.”

So if the people weren’t cheering for the superbly icky taste of raw cow’s milk, what were they cheering for?

The answer really is simple.  Texans were cheering for the principle of “LIBERTY!”

Every Texan understands that the government has NO right to tell us what we can put into our body….”

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One response to “Ron Paul talks raw milk at Texas GOP

  1. Thanks Rick Parker.
    You got it right, unlike most of the observers of this real milk debate.
    Liberty needs to be the focus of all political debates.

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