Saga of the little Chilliwack dairy

From Michael Schmidt:

Some of the members of the Little Chilliwack Dairy that could.. Photo via Michael Schmidt


In a surprise move Fraser Health lawyer Susan Beach took sick leave and Gordon Watson’s and my 55,000 dollar contempt of court hearing was “indefinitely postponed”, agreed on by all parties.

Susan Beach is the second lawyer having been bestowed with the responsibility to erase the little Chilliwack dairy, who needed to remove herself. Guy McDonald had to do the same a few years ago due to a mysterious illness.

This begs the question, is this Little Chilliwack dairy, “that could, would and should” in fact making Government lawyers sick?

It is concerning indeed. We need to remember that the lawyers are the ones who have to pick up the pieces after George Rice, the over eager “health agent inspector” for Fraser Health and Tim Chum, the “head enforcer or General” for the Fraser Health “armed forces” plot and execute the strategy to destroy the enemy the ” little Chilliwack dairy”.

It is remarkable how obsessively these two civil servants go about their business to “protect” the public from this “little Chilliwack dairy”

They have been so focused on this project that they forgot about their other problems they needed to attend; real people were dying in hospitals from problems known to Fraser Health for a longtime but had been ignored or neglected.

I try to reflect on the priorities of Fraser Health and ask myself the following question:

Are the lives of the victims of the  deadly outbreaks in hospitals under the care of Fraser Health have less value than the” imaginary” deaths caused by “the Little Chilliwack Dairy”?

Let’s recall how the events chronological unfolded and how the irrational behavior of Fraser Health public servants begs the question of whether Fraser Health is in fact a mental institution to give public servants the opportunity to act out their fantasies and raw power, oh no, I should say unpasteurized power.

And here is the story from The little Chilliwack dairy that could, would, should and DID.

Just 5 years ago Alice Jongerden with the help of Gordon Watson creates HOME ON THE RANGE a cow share operation in Chilliwack.

I will refer to it as the Little Chilliwack Dairy ( that could, should and would)

Not long thereafter Fraser Health claims that “cow poop in the milk made two children sick. (In the meantime the death toll in local hospitals under the care of Fraser Health is mounting.) No evidence of a sick child was ever presented.

Fraser Health (not at all in the business of farming) has a Hay-Day.

Press releases are issued to feed the media and the public about the grave dangers spreading from the Little Chilliwack Dairy. An official “Order” is issued to “cease and desist”. In the meantime the death toll in local hospitals under the care of Fraser Health keep rising.

More concerned about imaginary deaths than real deaths, Fraser Health goes to Court to force compliance at the little Chilliwack dairy.

Alice Jongerden, agister for the Little Chilliwack Dairy followed the issued orders to the dot by clearly labeling every single bottle with that order “not for human consumption”. After all, it is not even her milk.

In the meantime more poor souls die under the care of Fraser Health.

George Rice and Tim Chum our public servants working for Fraser Health are indeed true visionaries because of their ability to predict mass fatalities from the Little Chilliwack Dairy. That itself seems to give them the real purpose in life.

What are few dead souls under their care in local hospitals anyway.

It is hard to follow their “big picture” but orders must be obeyed. That is what the judge concluded. Alice must have made a mockery of the official order by following the order to the letter of the law.

The court enforced the order of Fraser Health. Alice Jongerden did not have to pay a fine and costs but was NO more the Agister of the charming “Little Chilliwack Dairy”.

All cows cried and mooood until the 300 owners of the cows bestowed me with the responsibility to look after their cows.

Freshly acquitted of 18 charges relating to raw milk I travelled thousands of miles to meet and greet the cow-owners and as well Fraser Health enforcement general  Tim Chum.

At that time I had no idea that people still died in Fraser Health Hospitals. I should not have taken up their time, I should have been more sensitive.

I think Tim Chum was excited to be informed about every detail of my grand vision “to prevent the nightmare of mass destruction”.

I presented to him that they do not have to worry because we asked Health Canada  for help to ease the burden of Fraser Health.

Many letters with detailed information about ALL aspects of the new “LITTLE CHILLIWACK DAIRY”went back and forth. We described the project in its details including corporate structure, registration and responsibilities.

George Rice armed with all the information from Health Canada could not accept their irresponsible response, that in fact the” little Chilliwack Dairy did not need to register nor was the little Chilliwack dairy even selling their products to the public, according to all the detailed information provided by me.

George Rice wanted to see for himself if it was true that we did what we told Health Canada.

The Little Chilliwack Dairy was delighted to tell him to not worry anymore because Fraser Health can now focus on the unnecessary dying patients under their care in local hospitals.

But courageous big George Rice did not trust Health Canada to be responsible for us.

Armed with a search warrant and police he forced himself into the little Chilliwack Dairy and found everything to be true.

There was No Raw Milk. Everywhere we had displayed proudly the orders issued by Fraser Health. There were warnings to” not swallow Cleopatra’s Cosmetics” on every wall and every jar and a sign that stated that we have the right to revoke the share contract if we catch anyone drinking or eating cosmetics.

I have checked many cosmetic products and none of them have any warnings that no one should ingest them. I forgot to tell George Rice that as a child I loved to eat tooth paste.

Neither me or Gordon Watson were to be seen by George Rice at his visit. But, clairvoyant as he was, he appeared to have detected in our soul the intention to force cosmetics down the throats of the cow owners.

George Rice and Tim Chum panicked because already too many were dying in the local hospitals under their care and here we added to their worries.

Susan Beach the brilliant and passionate lawyer for Fraser Health knew how to act.

“Michael Schmidt and Gordon Watson” we will charge you with contempt of court, because both of you followed the court order and you were NOT there when we forcefully entered the Little Chilliwack Dairy for inspection. Fraser Health wasted energy and time checking up on both of us  when they should have prevented unnecessary deaths in local hospitals.

Oh yes Susan Beach was even more brilliant than anybody had expected; she issued another order to the landlord with the demand to pour all the milk down the drain, to get rid of the cows or get a license to have dairy cows on their property (something Susan Beach must have come up with on her own).

If however in 60 days they will not comply, Fraser Health will come and take action to confiscate, dispose or ……. I believe milk themselves the cows because Susan Beach and Guy McDonald the two Fraser Health lawyers were in desperate need of good food.

Looking forward to meet finally Susan Beach on June 7th and 8th I booked my airline ticket with excitement. Two days before the trial however I received the devastating news that Susan Beach is sick.

I guess she did not receive early enough the healing magic of Cleopatra.

This is the current ending of the fascinating story of Little Chilliwack Dairy that could, should, would and did.

My thoughts are with ALL those who care about life, love and law.

Michael Schmidt


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7 responses to “Saga of the little Chilliwack dairy

  1. nedlud

    Love it. (This latest ‘commentary’ piece by M.S.)

    This is why, even though I disagree with him sometimes (e.g., cowshares {in my opinion} are stupid and just play into the hands of the bureaucrats), I really like Michael Schmidt.

    You know when a person writes deep satire, that they have a ‘clue’, at least.

    That’s quite a bit more than a lot of people have got.


  2. “This begs the question, is this Little Chilliwack dairy, ‘that could, would and should’ in fact making Government lawyers sick?”

    Be careful! With language like that; you’re likely to see Our Cows listed in the “known to cause illness” column of FVHA statistics tables!

    Heaven knows, attributing lawyers who are “sick of this case” to raw-milk-related illness is about the only way they’re going to pin anything on Our Cows.

    Perhaps if they’d start drinking raw milk, their mysterious illness would go away — along with the legal action!

    My guess is their terrible standing in the polls and the hot breath of NDP raw milk proponents like Lana Popham on their back are causing the BC Liberal Government to backpedal on anything that looks like abuse of power.

    BTW: if you get a chance, give Lana Popham a nice pat on the back for her efforts in defeating the Liberal Government’s Bill 37, which would have made it a crime to talk about farm animal disease outbreaks — even exempting them from Freedom of Information requests. The Liberals have a lot to be embarrassed about these days, and I’m sure they are “sick” of continuing reports of government heavy-handedness, which thankfully, is a disease that is easily transmitted to health bureaucrats.

    Don’t expect the “indefinite postponement” of the Our Cows case to be resumed before the next election, and then only if the Fiberals win.

  3. From Freedom of Information requests submitted by members, we have reason to believe the Health Authorities payed over $200,000 in the last 3 years, for them to hector our cowshare through Court. While healthcare $$ are filched from the public accounts to pay the obscene lawyers’ bills, these Quangoes are failing badly to carry out their essential mandate = actually providing health care to real people. From someone who’s worked there for a decade, I heard a couple of anecdotes encapsulating how bad the situation is.

    – last summer, Lion’s Gate hospital in North Vancouver discharged an 82 year old woman, sending her home alone in a taxi in the middle of the night, with a blanket around her shoulders, in order to make a bed available.

    – a 52 year old man who’d lived in Burnaby all his life, went in to Burnaby General for a minor complaint. He died not too long later, after contracting staph. aureus. 80 people have died in Bby Gen. over the last few years, from clostridium difficile. Why?! My friend who told me this is one of the people of good will, getting off the ‘sinking ship’ … after trying for years to do their best, only to be insulted / astonished at incompetence trumping common sense in the management of these billion-dollar-a-year corporations. A for-instance : predictions of critics that when the hospital housekeeping services were privatized, standards would go down with resultant loss of life, have come to pass. The private companies couldn’t find enough people to work at the revised, low wages. So their solution was to reduce the standard of English competence for the jobs. It doesn’t take a political science degree to figure out how it played-out when critical services in a modern 1st world facility, were offloaded to people flown-in from 3rd world cultures. When my mom was in Bby General I met some of them – very nice people who undoubtedly do their individual best – yet overall results are un-deniable.

    What irony, that immune milk therapy ** cultured via raw milk, cures clostridium difficile ** lately known as ‘antigen specific transfer factor’ … that’s right, I said cures
    Gordon S Watson

  4. Jordan Thurstoon

    As a share holder, I wish to thank you (all) for your diligence in sustaining some of the values that we, as Canadians, still treasure: Freedom tops the list.
    That the bureaucracy within government continues to feed its lust for power is itself a truly sad commentary. That we, as tax payers, are forced to support it is unconsciounable.


  5. Richard Adam

    It happens that I am one of the people you refer to since I became a cow shar owner because I was nearly killed in hospital under their care.

    Happily I am alive though much disabled after my hospital stay and my condition continues to improve.


    Rick Adam

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