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Michael Schmidt speaks out on CFIA’s slaughter of the 31? Shropshire sheep

From Michael Schmidt: Michael Schmidt Statement regarding the senseless slaughter of 31 Sheep by the CFIA

Screen capture from Michael Schmidt’s Facebook page. Click image to go there and watch video. You may need to be a Facebook member to view this video.

Today is June the 13th 2012

I was born 58 years ago today, 9 years after the war ended in Europe.

I have been witness to the emotional and physical aftermath of the horror, which the world experienced and as a result of the millions of innocent people killed.

My relentless questioning about the circumstances which led to the horrific moral and spiritual disaster in Germany, made me aware about our every day responsibility to be awake and always alert.

Alert about Government’s growing disregard for our freedom and our fundamental right, which has led many times in history to unforeseen consequences and brutal regimes. Continue reading


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