Michael Schmidt speaks out on CFIA’s slaughter of the 31? Shropshire sheep

From Michael Schmidt: Michael Schmidt Statement regarding the senseless slaughter of 31 Sheep by the CFIA

Screen capture from Michael Schmidt’s Facebook page. Click image to go there and watch video. You may need to be a Facebook member to view this video.

Today is June the 13th 2012

I was born 58 years ago today, 9 years after the war ended in Europe.

I have been witness to the emotional and physical aftermath of the horror, which the world experienced and as a result of the millions of innocent people killed.

My relentless questioning about the circumstances which led to the horrific moral and spiritual disaster in Germany, made me aware about our every day responsibility to be awake and always alert.

Alert about Government’s growing disregard for our freedom and our fundamental right, which has led many times in history to unforeseen consequences and brutal regimes.

This is the reason, why I decided to make the following statement.

I have been asked by the Farmers Peace Corp to speak on their behalf on the sad occasion of today’s  unnecessary killing of 31 rare sheep.

I have no knowledge about the different people involved.

I do however have repeatedly publicly encouraged the need to act because of the gross misconduct and history of corruption by CFIA officials and their disrespect and ignorance towards a common sense solution as an alternative to killing.

Obsessed with the “final solution” of killing,  the CFIA seemed to have decided that elimination without any accountability is the best way to battle a decease, which has no negative impact to human health and has been around for hundreds of years and in fact might not even be eradicated with killing.

To establish genetic profiling and use draconian measures of elimination is scary to say the least.

This itself is a painful reminder of the approach the HITLER regime applied to genetic cleansing.

I have been asked by the Farmers Peace Corp to help to provide some clarity and transparency for the reasons and circumstances, why the sheep have not been stolen but put in protective custody.

The Farmers Peace Corp used the moral responsibility of civil disobedience in order to try to protect rare sheep with valuable genetics and at the same time  requested due process and evidence before the” final solution” would have been applied.

Those involved in the Farmers Peace Corp have acted without knowledge and involvement of Montana Jones.

Those involved in the Farmers Peace Corp do support evidence based scrapie eradication programs.

Those involved in the Farmers Peace Corp do respect the law but oppose the irreversible actions and the non-accountability by  CFIA officials.

Those involved in the Farmers Peace Corp diligently made sure to prevent cross contamination with any other sheep to uphold and respect the quarantine imposed.

Those involved in the Farmers Peace Corp have the necessary records for identification and will provide them at a later date if necessary.

Those involved in the Farmers Peace Corp have intentionally no common knowledge, who in fact took the sheep, transported them, and placed them at the farm, where they have been found.

I can personally assure that the owner of the farm where the sheep were found indeed had  no knowledge about the history of the sheep.

In my role as liaison I can assure that I never visited Montana Jones Farm, transported or handled any of her sheep at the center of this investigation.

I am aware that I as a consequence to my public statement might be subject to an investigation and possible charges related to the sad sheep saga.

I am determined to support the brave work of those who have risked their personal safety and security to try to protect those sheep with the hope that “conclusive evidence” would have been provided by the CFIA in order to return the sheep for orderly slaughter if found infected or for further testing.

In closing I also like to point out that Montana Jone’s Lawyer Karen Selick had no knowledge about the people involved and the action itself.

Whatever will evolve I am honored to be a part of this brave action, as I have taken on the role as liaison for the Farmers Peace Corp.  I have very limited knowledge about the many people involved, but continue to support  and encourage their goal to demand accountability from Government as it relates to the almost vanished Agri-culture in Canada, already burdened by over-regulation and less and less compassion for it’s cultural importance as it relates to genetic diversity and overall sustainability.


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8 responses to “Michael Schmidt speaks out on CFIA’s slaughter of the 31? Shropshire sheep

  1. nedlud

    Thanks, Michael again (for another episode of ‘speaking out’).

    Meanwhile, in other ‘related’ news: http://www.i-sis.org.uk/Syngenta_Charged_for_Covering_Up_Livestock_Deaths_from_GM_Corn.php


  2. Marietta Pellicano

    Yes, Mr. Schmidt, thank you, for speaking out for bio/genetic diversity. God help this planet if we lose these resources for sustainability. Thank you to all who tried to save those sheep, my heart goes out to their original owner.

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  4. Gary

    I am thankful for access to the internet. I keep asking myself: If not me than who? If not know then when?

  5. Raoul


    When you understand the ultra Right-wing agenda of total control and domination , the challenge of the Heritage Shropshire Sheep (and Raw Milk accessibility) issue becomes relatively easy to understand and explain . The above article on “Harper’s Evanglical Mission” clears up any illusion or confusion that farmers may be experiencing in terms of which party to turn to to preserve the rights, dignity , freedom and livelihood.

    • MoT

      I’m against any “party” that puts a gun to anyone’s head and demands they comply. Harper is messed up, really he is, but I’ve seen scant signs of any political animal doing anything unless it lines their pockets at our expense.

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