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What are they saying about Michael Schmidt down in the United States?

From David E. Gumpert’s The Complete Patient blog:

Michael Schmidt with happy shareholders at “the little Chilliwack dairy that could”.

“There’s a new strain of illness making the rounds of Canada’s rulers. Call it “Michael Schmidt Paralysis.”

You don’t wish health problems on your enemies, but news that a second British Columbia prosecutor has bowed out of a major raw milk hearing against dairy farmer Michael Schmidt because of illness—with no re-scheduling–has been greeted with at least a few knowing looks. Continue reading

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Nine year old British schoolgirl called to the office over blogging photos of the food she eats at her school cafeteria

From The Verge, which, for the most part, is a technology blog:

Photo from nine-year-old Martha’s blog “Never Seconds”. That’s Martha on the right, getting some personal cooking instruction from chef Nick Nairn. Click image to go to that post.

“A month and a half ago, a nine-year-old schoolgirl called Martha began blogging photos of the food from her elementary school cafeteria. After just ten days the blog, entitled NeverSeconds, had already received 105,000 views, thanks largely to an endorsement from British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver. It went on to amass over two million hits and also raised nearly £2,000 (around $3,110) for food charity Mary’s Meals. Continue reading


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Farm Share at Windy Acres in Oregon

From Michael Schmidt:

The table is set for guests at Windy Acres Farm in Oregon.

It was a moment of surprise for Mark McAfee and me as we drove into the lane of Windy Acres farm.

We weren’t blown away from the wind at Windy Acres Farm, we were blown away by the size, the complexity and diversity. This farm was run not by one or two or three men. This farm was managed by just one modest woman ready to take on the world for the” Right to Choose”.

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