Deconstructing Dinner is now up for crowd-source funding on Kickstarter

Devlin O’Driscoll, maker of the award winning documentary “Milk War” invites regular people like you to help support a new documentary series on food:

Host Jon Steinman and Chef Michael Stadtlander in the gardens of Eigensinn Farm.

“Just what and who are we investing in when we sit down to eat? Are these ‘investments’ secure? Become a part of a collective effort to answer these questions and embark on the journey of Deconstructing Dinner.


From the internationally syndicated radio show and podcast Deconstructing Dinner (2006-2010) comes the on-screen reincarnation of the popular program from writer and host Jon Steinman and 2011 James Beard Award winning filmmaker and ichannel producer Declan O’Driscoll.

Deconstructing Dinner: Reconstructing Our Food System will be a six episode HD series for television and the web. The series will celebrate the role we can all play in redefining our food system right in our own communities and kitchens. What’s a ‘food system’? From the soil to our plates, think of every set of hands, building, truck, or government regulation which our food passes through. Together, this is the ‘food system’!

Each episode will highlight one food and how its industrially and artisanally produced versions impact local economies, the environment, communities, health and flavor.

The series will be accompanied by an extensive online collection of webisodes and resources which will build upon each episode and include behind the scenes footage, recipes and tips from preeminent chefs and much more.


We are an impassioned team of journalists, filmmakers, supporters of independent media and lovers of good food with a shared goal: to inspire all of us to question the origins of our food, and in doing so, stimulate the emergence of new and vibrant food cultures.

Deconstructing Dinner will encourage all of us to enter our supermarkets or local restaurants and ask the questions; “Just what and who are we investing in?”, and; “Are our investments secure?” These questions prompt a long list of considerations: animal welfare, environmental and economic impacts, farmer income, farm labour, food safety, health, genetically engineered food, corporate concentration within the food system, and of course…. FLAVOR!. Whew!

Fortunately, there is on-the-ground (and tasty) evidence to demonstrate how supporting localized food systems has far-reaching and positive ripple effects for ourselves and our communities. BUT, is investing our dollars more wisely enough to stimulate change? Or, can we also begin to invest ourselves into the food system? Deconstructing Dinner will showcase the many ways we can all play a more hands-on role in supporting food producers, nourishing our bodies, and having fun! From raising your own chickens for eggs, managing bees for honey, or learning how to make your own sausages at home, a great line-up of world-renowned chefs and advocates of good food will offer their trusted experience.


Here is a sampling of the amazing chefs to be featured throughout the series: 

Michael Stadtlander, Eigensinn Farm (Singhampton, Ontario) – A Canadian culinary icon who inspires chefs of all kinds to better know the source of their food. Eigensinn Farm was ranked as the 9th best restaurant in the world by London’s Restaurant Magazine and one of the top three restaurants in Canada by The New York Times.

Michael AnthonyGramercy Tavern (New York City) – Recently awarded Best Chef in NYC at the 2012 James Beard Awards.

Heather Carlucci-RodriguezPrint (New York City) – Listed among the Top 10 Pastry Chefs in America by Dessert Professional Magazine in 2011.

Blaine WetzelWillows Inn (Lummi Island, Washington) – Formerly the sous-chef at the world-renowned Noma in Copenhagen, the 25 year old Wetzel was recently listed among the 2012 Best New Chefs in America by FOOD & WINE Magazine.

Chris BrownThe Stop Community Food Centre (Toronto, Ontario) – Former Executive Chef at Perigee in Toronto, Chris Brown has since established himself as the chef at one of the leading community food centres in the world. The Stop offers amazing educational and skills-based food programming on urban agriculture, cooking, sustainable food systems and much more.


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