Ontario sheep tested negative for scrapie after being killed by CFIA

From the Manitoba Co-operator:

“Over two dozen sheep that vanished from a scrapie-quarantined eastern Ontario farm for about two months have all tested negative for the brain-wasting disease.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency on Thursday confirmed it had recovered, euthanized and tested 26 of the 31 adult sheep that went missing in early April from Linda Montana Jones’ quarantined farm at Hastings, Ont., east of Peterborough.

A CFIA spokesperson confirmed by email last week that 11 lambs born to those sheep during their absence were also found to be susceptible to scrapie and were euthanized for further scrapie testing. Results of those tests were not released Thursday.

The agency said Thursday that the missing animals were found on a farm in Grey County, roughly 325 km west of Jones’ farm.

Scrapie quarantines “will remain in place on both farms while the investigation continues,” CFIA said, adding “efforts to trace the remaining five sheep continue.”

The agency said the negative test results “are consistent with the CFIA’s experience with scrapie in Canada.”

A typical infected flock or herd sees an infection rate anywhere between three and 30 per cent, the agency said, noting two sheep from the Hastings-area farm had previously tested positive for scrapie…”

Read more in the Manitoba Co-operator.


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6 responses to “Ontario sheep tested negative for scrapie after being killed by CFIA

  1. nedlud

    All sheep look the same. All sheep smell the same. All sheep taste the same.

    We are your leaders. We will decide what we will do to you.

    It is our decision.

  2. I find it so hard to read anything else about this story because I become SO ANGRY, SO SAD and I cry. This whole debacle is criminal and the CFIA should be made to pay the farmer for the sheep at the very least. In the U.S. we are allowed to sue PERSONALLY employees of public agencies that do us harm. Can you do that in Canada?

  3. The agency said the negative test results “are consistent with the CFIA’s experience with scrapie in Canada.”

    “So we’re just going to keep killing sheep until we find a positive result.”

    What if CFIA inspectors were tested for CJD in the same manner?

  4. Sally_Oh
    you can sue a govt. official in Canada, in his/ her official capacity, as well as, his/her personal capacity if you can prove they’ve acted outside the parameters of their office, called MAL-feasance of public office.
    In order to do that, though, citizens have to get over their “learned helplessness” – righteous indignation paralyzed sadness

    • Michael Schmidt’s statement today, on the Complete Patient website = that the Canadian Food Inspection Agency have him under surveillance – goes a long way to explaining a curious incident when he visited BC on June 13. We had came out of a restaurant and were just standing there, waiting for our friends. Right away, a policeman came up on the sidewalk, and stopped to chat, quite friendly …

      A tiny detail is, the policeman did not have his hat on. Nor did he have it in hand. Odd because, they are taught from Day One that the hat is a most important part of the whole presentation Patrolling, is an important part of authentic policing, but I do not recall ever seeing the New West police out on foot, at least,not in the last 50 years I’ve lived around here. Point being, he let on that he was ‘just patrolling’, but if so, he would have had on the hat.

      He asked us about the restaurant … it was Indonesian. He says, “a couple of the guys I work with are Indonesian. I was thinking of bringing them here” … I thought to me-self “yeah, right. that I doubt” = going back for the last 150 years, the New West. force is one of the whitest police forces around. Not a lot of ‘diversity”, if you know what I mean

      not prompted by me, Michael asked him casually if it’s true that a police officer is not acting legally, without his hat … the officer sluffed that off

      he chatted us up for a while, very friendly. A cop car went by with a woman police officer at the wheel, slowed down, gave us a big smile, asking “everything OK here?” That’s all that happened, but the farther away I got from it, the more suspicious it was…. because, it reminded me of what happened the first time Michael Schmidt was here, Feb 1 2010. After Court, he was supposed to be riding in my car to go across town, but switched at the last minute. Most of the way to our destination, in the driving rain, pitch black night, rush-hour traffic with bright lights, with just Alice and I in the car, we were pulled over by a Vancouver Cop. The cop, overly friendly, volunteers “the reason I pulled you over is you didn’t signal a lane change” … in fact, I’d gone by on the right side, through an intersection, to get past a car waiting to turn left! yeah, right!

      Now, no doubt about it police in Canada and the US of A, are keeping tabs on Michael Schmidt, and with whom he keeps company. Which doesn’t bother me a bit : it’s to be expected at this level.

      We’re “on the side of the angels”, doing exactly what the judge in our case recommended we do = get political

    • “… citizens have to get over their ‘learned helplessness’ – righteous indignation paralyzed sadness.” Yes! I have to stop going there.

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