Summer Solstice / St. John’s day celebrations at Michael Schmidt’s Glencolton Farms on June 23rd

From farmer Michael Schmidt:

Michael Schmidt and these homeschoolers were among the celebrants at Saturday’s fire.

Year after year we celebrate solstice with a huge St. Johns fire, built from brush and trees and scrap wood collected over the las 12 months.

It is part of a ongoing effort to reconnect to the seasons festivals in harmony with the whole year.

Stacking wood for the fire.

Once again this year many friends and farm share members gathered already in the afternoon to help built a new chicken fence and finish building the hay barn.

Building a fence in the new village.

Our little Farm Village has become an important new part of the social life at the farm.

Many school classes stayed over night in the last two months for their farm practicum and more and more realize that finally there is a place at the farm where one can stay, eat and take part in the daily activities.

Circle time at the Solstice St. John’s celebration.

Over the last 29 years the farm has become a center for education and culture.

Where else can you go where kids can feed calves , milk a cow, collect warm eggs and be awakened at 5 am with an accordian.

Morning after breakfast in the new Village.

It was a day of joy, a day of celebrating and a day of letting go.

As a joyful surprise Montana Jones  who lost her valuable Shropshire sheep to the killing spree of C(F)IA agents came to talk about her sheep. Many people attending the Solstice celebration had a chance to comfort her with their support.

Sheep farmer Montana Jones was a surprise guest at the solstice celebration.

A puppet show was performed by a home school group and life in the farm village was wonderful.

A fire so big it dwarfs the moon.

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One response to “Summer Solstice / St. John’s day celebrations at Michael Schmidt’s Glencolton Farms on June 23rd

  1. Michael, The Village looks great! What a nice initiative!

    Caroline Plamondon (Symphony in the Barn 2003!)

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